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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


la la land

It seems like I lived.
It seems like I lied.
I liked that I lived.
I was livid that I lied.
I loved that I longed.
I lacked the life.
I lust for the love.
I licked the lips.
I love my luck.
I fuck my luck.
I loath the laments.
i load the medulla.
I unload the shoot.
It was likely that I loved.

Cool one!
To put it a la some one else, "Well done baccha!"
Loaded, this one, but well written, and so e..e cummings in the rhythm, surprisingly you've respected punctuation et al:-)
Finally he posts. And what a post!

I know I loved.
I am not sure I'll love again though.

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