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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


confession 2

jag bhar mein mooh maar liya, ab ghar basane ko jee karta hai

Thursday, October 12, 2006


confession 1

i have never been this confused in my life

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


surreal, but nice

on the lawns of NID, Ahmedabad
The garba at NID. Tempted to post pics of me in my dhoti, but I think I must refrain. Had the bestest time this weekend. IED, CEPT and NID. 3 nights of dancing to the most amazing garbas. Learnt to do the 12 step garba, the surati, the baroda and the diya dance. Yes, I actually danced with a lamp in my hand. No, I didn’t burn myself or anyone else. No I didn’t trip over my dhoti nor did it come off (not till I didn’t want it to, that is… muhahaha). But I enjoyed myself in gujarat thoroughly after such a long time. There's something surreal about everyone dancing to the tune of folk music belted out by the villagers, in circles, the same step, with no electric lamps, traditional costumes and such wonderful energy.

There is something immensely romantic about dancing with someone you like. To match steps, to smile when you falter and to smile when you don’t.

Raja ni waah waah
Raja ni rani ni waah waah
Raja ni rani ni dikri ni waah waah
Raja ni rani ni dikri ni dasi ni waah waah
Raja ni rani ni dikri ni dasi ni biladi ni waah waah
Raja ni rani ni dikri ni dasi ni biladi na bachhda ni waah waah


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