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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


what to do?

The new found energy is a surprise to me too. Didn’t know I could be so geared up and charged up. Ambition at its peak. The drive is on full swing. Barely sleep. Things are going to be different very soon. Am excited, but also a bit disturbed. Is this what I wanted? I also know how stubborn I can be. Its either everything or nothing at all. Always. Its childish. But I think with my heart. I know I am pushing the envelope. I am getting extremely impatient with people. They should allow one to shoot incompetent fools. I mean, its ok to, na?

While work is on in full swing, the personal life… doesn’t exsist. It just doesn’t. what to do?

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I know what you mean my dear. I always said this - career becomes more important and more fulfilling when we dont have anyone else in life. Atleast it is something within our control.
Was'nt it enuf to make fun in person that u hv started them in ur blogs as well - dumbo :)

Anyways i jus think ur thinking too much - relax...
Have I ever told you why I adore you so...precisely because of the way you are...don't question, just be :-)
And keep the faith!
Happy New Year, twin.
Aristera : What to do?

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