aristera says

Friday, December 15, 2006


aristera says:

Life definitely comes a full circle.

Opportunity knocks not once, but once in a while.

Ambition is sexy.

Love is elusive.

Happiness is a myth.

Sex is so overrated.

Plastic flowers are the worst joke man ever concocted.

Alcohol is man’s greatest invention.

Walking on the moon is uncalled for.

The most beautiful is the most just.

I am going to claim this post as my christmas gift! It is so beautiful. And so true.

PS: Saw your Goa photo! Tres cool!
how did u see my goa foto?
Very well written... I am impressed :) lol
The Living High has displayed it, very proudly, on his photoblog :)
I much likes the photo ici - and am much the amused by the gyan, even though alot of it is very true...

And you have to get Amma to throw away those awful flowers in our house, along with that uglier vase that holds them...please please pretty please?
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