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Monday, November 27, 2006


Promises that strangers hold….

I was told yesterday that I am a single man in love. I couldn’t agree more. I cannot let go of my ‘space’ and ‘ways’. Try as I might. Its sad, scary and probably immature too. I don’t know. when one wants to be a part of my intangible space too… I run before they can say ‘rumplestienskin’. What about when I want to just be? Living on my own has spoilt me. Tolerance levels are at their lowest. Shudder! Its so easy to give up.

When did I turn into this monster?

Where you can fall for chains of silver you can fall for chains of gold
You can fall for pretty strangers and the promises they hold
You promised me everything you promised me think and thin
Now you just says oh romeo yeah you know I used to have a scene with him

Gah.. it's okay. You earned it.

All the time we're slogging away to earn that privacy and then we're made to feel bad for it. Screw that, I love sleeping alone on a queen sized bed :P
When we are clingy in a relationship, they say we are too needy. When we are not, they say we are too independent. So really, wouldnt we rather be who we are, and wait for someone to love us for it, rather than keep changing ourselves?
jupiter - um, i colud do without 'sleeping' alone on the queen sized bed. thats one space i have no issues sharing. hehehe.

casa - indeed. indeed.
Well why does everything revolve around being in a relationship always...

Are'nt we guys happy,controlled and more spaced out being ourselves...

I guess we do feel that vacuum at times...
It's not that the tolerance levels are low, it's that the standards are high - there is difference!

Now repeat after me 10 times - I AM NOT A MONSTER!
so DATS y u wanted this song. the lyrics are very strong. very strong.
he is not a MONSTER
he is not a MONSTER
he is not a MONSTER

- everybody -

ooooh, maybe we cud turn this into one of them blog chorus thingies !!!

and yes, he is not a monster
shack me up - in the end, you have to come home to someone, my friend.

geets - standards are high. not that the person in question didnt meet them. its just me.

living high - haanji.

once again - *mmmwah*. you are a SWEETHEART. make frensip on me?
once again is invited to make frenship ON u? hehehehe... *stifles gigles unsuccessfully*
Of course he is not a monster. You on the other hand, the dancing purple monster... umm, what can I say :D
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