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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


may everyone burn in hell

a very very very big milestone. achieved. got something i had been hoping and pining for 7 odd years. didnt think it possible for many years to come. was elated (notice the past-tense). again, nobody else was excited (sans my grandmom). my friends smiled. two of them fussed over it. not much else. some glanced at it. my mom saw it, said "it is nice". my dad didnt mention it.

i think the world sucks. or maybe my world sucks.

good thought for the day: may everyone burn in hell. amen.

We all walk alone.
We do.

But a big congratulations for whatever it is that you achieved... I am sure its not the cover page of a publication since you've already been there, havent you?
lol. u want us to throw u a party or something?
- one of the fussy frnds (i think)
fuckin beta blogger, i fuckin typed an entire fuckin comment and its disappeared.

-sigh- i repeat yet again,

I am so sorry for not having called. I bought it two days ago and since then reminded myself thrice, call u idiot, call !!!!

The cover looks awesome and I love the pun intended heading, penthouse style [snigger]

its really really nice.

really nice.

tres chic !!!!
He is on the cover of a magazine??! Brat, send me more info. And cheer up this boy, while at it :)
casa - its no fun walking alone, but.

livinghigh - go fuck yourself *smiles beatifically*

once again - haha. thank god someone got the pun!

casa - yay! am all cheered up only!
Do you ever reply to emails? Just curious :p
Hallelujah to that.. I am all into misanthrophy these days! @#(*&$
we are all v proud hope u realise that.
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