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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Happy Together

A most poignant and brilliant film. One of the saddest and most complex films I have seen. Wang-Kar-Wai is brilliant. He captures both Buenos Aires and Hong Kong exceptionally well. The nuances are just perfect. A must see.

I thought I was different from Po-Wing. Turns out that lonely people … are all the same.

Sorry for being so particular, but he is Wong Kar Wai, not Wang Kar Wai :)

If the movie involves HK, I'm surely watching it!
yaya. u know how i am wid spellings na?

oh, u must. its mostly argentina, but parts in hongkong too. but beware, it is VERY poignant.
quite a beautiful film - reminds me of 'in the mood for love'. also, do watch 'blue gate crossing' if you like this genre!
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