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Saturday, September 23, 2006


Chamique’s tag

5 things I like doing in my city? (sorry if its touristy, but that’s how I am)

MY CITY 1 – Bombay

1.walk on versova beach, looking longingly at the madh island fort
2.sitting at the bar in zenzi and chatting up with friends/date and leching
3.dancing away the blues at the shack to ‘ra ra Rasputin’ or ‘one way ticket’
4.watching plays at my erstwhile adda prithvi, an arty haven in this unarty city
5.a late night drive to marine drive, stopping at haji ali for strawberries n cream

MY CITY 2 - Ahmedabad (where i spent 5 long years)

1.going to the Sunday market by the river and bargain for curios and books
2.buying veggie dyed fabrics from the old city’s ruins rani no hajiro
3.the garba at cept, and sitting on the lawns and looking at the skies
4.the solitary walks near the gufa, university campus to ponder while gazing at peacocks
5.the winter performances at natrani, by the river, with the overhanging peepul tree

why haji ali, why not bachelors.
charya !
nice tag, can I also do it?
You are from CEPT, which means we'll definitely know a lot of common people...
casa - no no no. i am not from cept! but yes, we might know a lot of common people from there.
The vehemence of your 'no no no' makes me wonder if really dont like CEPT :)
kuttiya, u ignored me *hmph*
brat - my god, what language! ofcourse you must do the tag. AND, i like haji ali better than bachelors. bas.
Fruit cocktail and Pizza with dhaniya garnish at Haji Ali..

your blog reminds me of home :)

I've been reading for a while, but this whole blogger beta nonsense was now allowing comments!
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