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Friday, August 18, 2006


tera rate kya hai?


Desperate Housewives
Queeer As Folk
Amitav Ghosh
Sir Norman Foster
Shabana Azmi
Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan
Tom Hanks and Angelina Jolie
a few blogs


good taste
good food
good education
deepti naval and naseer
Godiva Chocolates
good undies
Albert Camus
The Golden Gate

currently grooving to: where's the party tonite
james blunt
kishori amonkar

sex - is so NOT ovcerrated
dh - absolutely NOTTT
qaf :- the american version, no, nope, nix, nah, nahi

the rest who cares :)

and good undies, yes I agree are seriuously underrated. stupid indian markets.
hello brat! sex IS overrated. i seen the world longer than you na (though i mite not look it. hehe).

hope to see you on next sat??
LOl you're incorrigible..and yes yes also the best absolutely! Mwaaa...*hug*

PS What abt my blog eh?
why am i incorrigible, huh?
aha. and who does most of the under-rating of Sir Aristera, I wonder?
ergo, SS.
You're incorrigible coz apart from the fact that only YOU would come up with such a list, only YOU would still insist that Ghosh is overrated...and just, coz you are incorrigible and I'm glad you are :-)
A. Bachchan, A. Khan, T. Hanks & A. Jolie - most overrated.

Shabana Azmi - overrated? Really?

Good education, Naseer - most underrated.

Camus - underrated? By whom? Do they count?
America is sooooo overrated, that it aint funny. I did a post once on how I didnt find NY impressive, and I was almost lynched by people who had never even stepped out of India. Funny why we Indians seem to be so crazy about the US of A.
why the fuck am I being termed a BRAT !!? why why why why why why why why why why
Ghosh - u r just being adamant ??
who underrates Godiva chocolates - pls tell me ?
Tom Hanks & Shabana Azmi - not overrated.

Norman Foster - not sure.

Deepti Naval - defenitely underrated.
I dont agree sweetie...

Love can never be underrated, infact i feel that at times people in it actually over rate it....
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