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Sunday, August 27, 2006


hume peenay ka shawk nahi...

the last few days have been socially very active. the weekend was as packed as can be. friday evening simple (read:cheap) dinner with a friend at prithvi. then a play. 'manto...ismat hazir hai'. fantabulous. my favorite 'lihaaf' was performed by heeba shah, brilliantly. the other stories and the saadat hasan manto and ismat chugtai's lahore trial would give the oscar wilde trial a run for its money, any day. and mad as i am, i was ofcourse dressed in a black shalwar. followed by an impromto move to the sun and sand bar ' aqua' (grossly over-rated, i think the place sucks). but a round of shots called blue silk panties, horny bull, sparkling diamonds and popsicles. haha. no points for guessing that i went for the horny bull. followed by more drinks at a friends place. suddenly thinking of the cheesy ghazal "badi mehengi hui hai sharab, thodi thodi piya karo!". god help me.
saturday was light dinner foloowed by a round of drinks (my new found interest in rockiolis). didnt know i was a whiskey person. well, now i do. hehe, followed by some mad partying to some mad music with copious amounts of vodka marred with sprite. followed by some more drinks at aforementioned friends pad. no, i dont need to register with AA. not yet. one wild night *sniggers*. went to sleep only at 6.30am. and was up by 9. breakfast and studying, lunch wid granny and nap nap.
the next post will be my current preoccupation with ganpati. ganpati bappa? moriya!

I just CANT have vodka with sprite. Either with lime, or with cranberry.
And you are studying again? I thought your course was over...
Oh I envy you for living in a city that has a decent theatre where one can go for plays!!! of some help dude, find a nice boy in Bbay ;-) LOL!
"Blue Silk Panties" - seriously? What are ppl drinking these days? Jesus!

We're waiting for the Ganpati post...

Casa, this boy is becoming very erudite with all his padhai-shadai. Watch out, he'll slay you with his erudite jargon ;-)
lol. and it was FLAMING diamond, not sparkling ones!
casa- actually even dont like vodka wid sprite, but then when in rome drink like the romans do, na? but with cranberry i like ya.
oh, i am studying spanish, btw.

geeta- this city has more than one decent theatre darling. promise you a nice ganpati post. erudite jargon, and me? naah!!

livinghigh - yaya, tht only i mean na...
Spanish??? Sexy!!!
casa- sexy? thts me!
hey hows it going .... we need to talk more on shiva and aesthetics
purple m - hey. sure. were you at the school of art and aesthetics at jnu?
Maybe, but modest, you arent ;)
casa - modest? ewwww. whats that? some exotic south asian disease? muhahahaha
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