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Tuesday, August 08, 2006



some of the best films i have seen in the past few years, some seen over and over again, some i want in my collection, some which i have grown to like only after the second time i saw them, some i loved from the minute i started seeing. architecture and cinema, both my favorite kinesthetic experiences. i remember, i did this project for a humanities class in 3rd year of college where in i drew parallels between the two.... have turned into a big film buff now. at home, in the theatres. but i figured i like em to be noir and complex. i wonder why. hehe.

1. Todo Sobre Mi Madre (Spanish)
2. Rajanigandha (Hindi)
3. Great Expectations (English)
4. Run Lola Run (German)
5. Bad Education (Spanish)
6. Closer (English)
7. 36 Chowringee Lane (English-Bengali)
8. Breakfast at Tiffany’s (English)
9. My Brother Nikhil (Hindi)
10. In which Annie Gives it Those Ones (English-Hindi)
11. Yuganta (Bengali)

Comments: like 'em noir coz you aint no avg indian ;-) LOL - explns in my next post!

Bfast at Tiffany's (the film) has a happy ending as opposed the novella's open ending...actually think I prefer the latter.

Not seen half of these movies..if you get them, lend them kindly please!
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I just bought the DVD for My Brother Nikhil last week, when I had gone to watch Omkara. Now that I see your list, I think today's a good day to watch that movie :)
casa - beware, its sob-sob all the way!!
not seen 2, 8 and 10. love almovodar - would also add talk to her to the list (Hable con ella) - heard good things about his latest too. He really uses visuals & music amazingly. So does Wong kar wai - In the mood for love is just simply a must watch for ppl who like sensual romantic movies. My bro nikhil doesn't really fit in this league. The spanish movies like Amores perros or Yu tu Mama Tambien. Baran by Kirostami and The colous trilogy etc etc etc
sigh all this reminds me I should rent a nice movie on dvd this weekend and watch it
For me, making a list of movies is like making a list of books - near to bloody impossible! Personal favourites include Il Postino, Murder by Death, A Fish Named Wanda, Lost in Translation - "lighter movies" it would seem, no? :-)

Have you watched China Town? Fantastic Noir film!
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