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Thursday, July 27, 2006


ek tag

I said... i cannot drive, but I can!!

I want to... study

I wish... I wasn’t so fickle minded

I miss... having someone in my life

I hear... they don’t make them like that anymore

I wonder... mmmmmm

I regret... being queer

I am... immodest but down to earth

I dance... only when I am sloshed

I sing... under my breath, all the time

I cry... a lot, these days

I am not always... right and I detest admitting it, sadly

I write... cheques, and so hate it

I confuse... achievements with happiness

I need... to be told I am good, all the time

I should try... but not too hard

I finish... with a clean slate

I get turned on by . . . achievers, self-made people

I seek . . . simplicity

I won’t . . . cook ever again

I shouldn’t . . . buy a new phone

I confess . . . I love item numbers

I claim . . . to have been there, seen it all, but I soooo haven’t

currently playing in my head: karte hai hum pyaar mr.india se
currently on my player: namak isk ka and beedi

Why won't you cook again?

I'm going to do this tag now...I like it.
hehe. do it. its fun. why wont i cook? one of the many things which i dont excel in. might as well not do it.
You are good.

There, atleast some needs are easy to fulfill :)
And where has my favourite blogger disappeared... AGAIN? :p
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