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Saturday, July 22, 2006


anorther Rue in pondi

Yayy isn't it such FUN that we can see blogs again? Yes yes I'm mad I know...

Shall find my way to Pondi someday and sink in this heaven I saw i your photos!
The photos are so surely from an architect's camera.... can we some some touristy shots? ;)
hey !!! i love pondi and am there every year just to walk the quiet rues!!! lovely pics.... coudl almost smell a wiff of the sea in them
geets - u must! you will love it... probably more than i did...

casa - oops. guilty. but all my pics are like this... i cant do the touristy pics at all. as in i think people spoil pictures. haha.

purple momentz - every year! wow. but i assciate the smell of fresh flowers and insence with pondi...
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