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Thursday, June 29, 2006


half time

Mid-way through the year. Time to see the accounts. New year resolutions were made. Ofcourse, they were for the entire year, but its nice to see how far we have come (or not come). So here goes, me 6 months ago…

1. go see ankorwat - missed it, but still might.
2. buy a car - done
3. read books on my list of must reads -decent progress, not bad at all
4. get my works published on cover page - work in progress, will be done
5. learn to salsa - tried, twice, not my cup of tea
6. drive down somewhere far in the rains - work in progress too!
7. have a threesome - sigh. lets see.
8. go for the abida parween concert at humayun’s tomb - missed it only because no one told me when it happened!! grrrr!!
9. get rid of my cold - no cold as of now
10. be happy - sigh. work in progress, i guess...

Ah, well. Not too bad. 6 more moths to go. I think I can manage it, n’est pas? We shall see. Some more plans are in the pipeline. Lets see how it goes. No clue yet.
One thing I cant handle is bureaucracy. Endless paper work, endless queues and unprofessional attitude. No value for the other persons time. It disgusts me like mad. It really does. Ruins my entire day and depresses the hell outa me. I don’t know why, but it does.

Another thing I don’t like to do is accounts and clerical paper work. I feel I am wasting precious time which could have been well spent doing something more meaningful. But this I can handle. I know that eventually I will have someone to do it for me. As for now, I will survive.

Nothing cheers me up like Sex and the City. Am always in an upbeat mood when I see the show. Its like a placebo. It makes me smile, ponder, giggle, chuckle and roll my eyes.

One line that Carrie said, struck a chord. I thought to myself, hey! That’s my line. “we have nothing in common but each other”…. Pondered over it and laughed it off. Sigh.

Another thingy I identify totally with is the film Closer. A question that Natalie Portman puts across to Jude Law, ‘isnt love enough?’. It kills me. For the longest time I would think that it is enough. But that is naïve. Love is only enough when everything else is there. It is the everything else that goes to make love what it is, in the first place. So in a sense, love is enough, but at the same time it isn’t. am I making sense?

A new development in my head. A one constant factor that I held dear to me, I have discarded. It doesn’t matter anymore. Am willing to explore. It is liberating and scary. But, I tell myself that this is the time and age to shed such constraining constants and just do what my heart says.

Eating lots of gulab-jamuns. Left overs from a dinner last week. A fun time. I cooked some. Ordered in some. Didn’t get time to marinate the chicken, so called for some, the rotis too. I cannot and willnot make rotis. Just. So I tossed a raita (or whipped up some, I don’t know) and make a nice improvised hibiscus mojito (vodka, hibiscus juice, mint, lotsa ice and soda) and got some chips and hommus. Made some methi mutter malai and kadai paneer. Very Indian. Was fed up of tossing a simple pasta. Hehe. Some drinks, only close friends. Am very fond of all of them. Talked nonsense. Laughed a lot. I think these ‘soirees’ are my favorite times. I think they are. So are B’s parties. Though they are not as small in scale, but the fact that the people I am comfortable with are around guarantees a good time ahead. Ended the meal with lotsa Bavarian Chocolate Icecream, courtesy R. divine divine tub of icecream. Perfect for a night-in. Sigh. Hehehe. So the story was about the gulab jamuns. Since R got the icecream, no one touched the gulab jamuns. And so, I eat gulab jamuns all the time and live ever happily ever after.

that sounds what i want written as my eulogy:
"he ate gulab jamuns and lived happily ever after!"
>>And so, I eat gulab jamuns all the time and live ever happily ever after.

And put on weight as well :D

Yupyupyup, I shall be bitchy like that. Simply because I havent even seen a gulab jamun for a year now! Grrr.

PS: Let us do Angkor together... I have given up on convincing my friends for it. Sigh.
Save some for me - atleast I'll get the left-overs of the dinner. Sigh (*melodramatic pose*)
I wouldn't even dare to put up my list as it would show almost no progress. that evening is nice and chilled. As for love - sigh !
I love gulab jamuns...Love? What love? and the soiree was fantastic!! and i made that concoction not you!!
livinghigh - fatso!!

casa - pucca?

geeta - sorry babe, khatam!

guppie - hehe. how the mighty fall!

sex - u wish, u wish.
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