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Monday, May 15, 2006


Pedro Almodovar

Todo Sobre mi Madre (all about my mother)
Almodovar's 1999 oscar winner. brilliant. textured. most complex. nuanced at so many many levels. the incest, the trust, the disgust. dramatic. only an almodovar can pull this off. its sexy, its dark, its hilarious. cecelia roth is fantastic in the film. the use of colour in almodovar's films is art in itself. the burnt oranges, the ochres, the reds. the patterned wall papers and table clothes, the couch or the lone chiar. these create a tension of its own (atleast in my opinion). drag was never this interesting.
Qu he hecho yo para merecer esto ?
(what have i done to deserve this!!)
Pedro Almodovar's 1984 noir comedy. the film is complex and packed. the characters are highly disfunctional. the pace is strange. the edit is superb. its absurdist and magical. of pet-lizards and sex. of whores and paedophiles. of adolescence and bourgeois. seeling mineral water to her own son at the dinner table. mad best.
current coluor: ochre

if u like him also try fassbinder - less stylized i suppose and maybe more raw - but equally edgy and crazy
love the edginess in almodovar. i think it is thrilling (for want of a better term).
Show-off ;-)

*ducks under the table to avoid shooting missile*

PS A asks to fix dates for trip with you - fix dates and come quick re!
geets - if you do it, its ok... and if i do it its show off. whats the big deal? i saw two films and wrote about them!
cant fix dates so soon. tell that stupid appu!
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