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Saturday, May 06, 2006


ooooooo sweet child of mine

TGIF. thats what i said to myself yesterday. after some rushed work from early early morning to early evening (the mundane sorts, stupppid exel sheets) i rushed to the art show. a strange mix of works. but the space is super fantabulous. hai! then to bandra. had some authentic mutton dhan-saak for dinner. sweet. though i am not one for mutton, it was very nice. i like bawa food too. hehe. then dragged a friend out for some chai (i didnt do the dragging, i dont think it would have worked if it was me doing it ,anyways). all in all a nice evening. stayed up till late. hehe. woke up at 12.30 in the afternoon. was shocked at myself. lunch with granny and then shopping with my cousin. looking for puzzles. went to the juhu crosswork. it is SHIT. like S like H like I like T. they didnt know what puzzles are. jigsaw? no! then i went to the music section. this loser of a girl there! i asked her where the western classical section was. she asked me if i meant punjabi music. i wanted to slap her. then we were off to granth. to look for a puzzle for me and a spanish textbook for my cousin. didnt find either. but got me anorther interesting book, albeit work related. couldnt even get the lonely planet i was looking for. nevermind.
work calls for a few hours in the afternoon. got things back on track. painted for a while. new series. shaping up well. am happy with it. lets see. now off to pay my celfone bill. then buy some supplies for the week. i need to stock up food. i never have anything at home. ever. hmpf. then to meet a bunch of friend at JATC in the evening. then make plans for the night. wooohooo. hope no movie plans. lets see.
tomorrow i want to meet A for our ritua sunday coffee at the BBC. and generally catch up on my reading. then off to watch osme salsa. hope they dont drag me onto the dance floor. i cant. i swear. but zenzi is good fun, always.
current colour: eggshell white

oh yes. the space was fantabulous. i don't think it suited what was there though.
I have big plans of starting a 2000 piece puzzle after my exams. Lets see.

Nice to see someone talk about food so much. I was once told by a reader on my blog comment space that I mention food on EVERY blog post of mine. Made me feel like a glutton. Sigh :(
bluegreen - :-)

casa - oh, but i try sometimes to not talk about food, but somehow land up doing it all the time. i think it must be having some deeper connotations. hehe. i wish i can find a puzzle in this damned city!
And ze reason for not updating us on your (happening!) life iz..?
casa - ze reason is simple. net was down for the past few days. will so make up for it.
Crossword? It should be crossed off the map.
Went to the one at In Orbit, asked the guy at the counter for Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice'...
He gave me a blank look and said 'Err, what's her first name?'

Ha. As if. They didn't have 'To Kill a Mockingbird', cause the new stock of books which had arrived, hadn't been opened.

And hello...
hi medusa,
am not suprised. crossword is really really bad. landmark is much better with their collection. but the staff is as dumb as crossword's.
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