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Saturday, May 13, 2006


mein disco, tu ek disco, duniya hai ek disco!!

a week of blog backlog. the net was not working. frustrating. but its been a good week. one very bad thing happened. i hate it. i missed my flight. felt disgusted at myself for being to irresponsible and wasting so much money. so i am on a low budget spree these day. no spending money. suits me right. and when i got back that evening, i died. to have someone suprise you at the arrival gates of a airport... to pick you... it seems so typical-romantic, but trust me, when it happens to you, you are so so so not prepared for it. its like too nice a thing to be really happening. especially if you have had a 20 hour long day. i am one lucky bastard.
the rest f the week was typical work. moderately long hours. nothing to really complain about. the weekend is finally here. seems promising. some studying needs to be done. have a paper due end of this month. but i also was to see 'Closer' again. love the film. lets see. then theres this mad party at night. i think its gonna be fun. want to see 'Dosar' tomm. Rituparno's latest. knkona and Prosonjit. i think it will be good. for a change, no aishwaria. thank god. also might go watch the salsa lot salsa away tomm. not sure again. want to do my ritual coffee tomm. with A. missed it last sunday. feel guilty.
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A week of backlog, and that is all we get to hear?

Ok forget the lessons in Western classical music and Opera - I think first I need a music in popular culture! I'm so clued out these days it's not funny - becoming a real wall flower a.k.a Plain Jane!

Ps The roamntic gesture - tres sweet. When do I get to meet this special someone?
casa - well. the good things in life come in small dozes.

geets - LOL.
Disco 82...
Disco 82 Jal Hutt!
Disco 82 eh bhai!

"hold me now.. take my body (close the door) for tonight.. I wanna be your lover"

woops got me dancing like a maniac there. Hey you don't know me, but I thought I'd post a comment on my visits. I'm looking for the soundtrack the film "Disco Duniya" and found your site via google. Oh well. Hope ya had fun at the salsa.

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