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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


heaven is a place on earth

I'm not going to tell the story the way it happened. I'm going to tell it the way I remember it.
having told lots of people that i could not make any plans for the weekend...i decided very on the spur of the moment i was asked, that i would go to goa.
cliched as it sounds, there is something about goa that makes you unwind. i dont know if its the air, the water, the sand, the people. but i will get back to that later. so we went to goa. didnt really know 3 out of the 4 people i was going with. i had met them all once, but still. so not me to do something like this. hehe. took the bus, which was terribly late. it was cold, but i was ok. i was the olny person most comfortable in that 16 hours long journey. the others were either sick, cold or irked by the entire ordeal.
the cab ride from Mapusa to Mandrem was pleasant. i didnt have much space to sit, but i liked that. it helped that all of us got along rather well. Mandrem is this little village way up north. up ahead of anjuna but south of vagator. we were the only 5 guests at the River Cat Villa. a portuguese villa turned into a hotel. a tad kitsch. but beautiful. the rooms overlooked the river, while the beach was a minutes walk from there. a deserted beach. peace like nowhere else in goa. birds chirping, the rustle of the leaves. the banana fronds, the frangipanni flowers, the hibiscus adding the colour.
i carried the smallets bag in the group. 5 tee shirts, one ganji, and some shorts. didnt even wear most of them. hehe. goa. lost my shades. was heart broken for a minute. then someone cheered me up. had a bit of a crash course in french. but i had this comfortable way of switching off when i wanted to. do my thinking. and they didnt seem to mind. we got veryy little alone time, but thats ok with me. there are many more times to come. many. 3 trips in the planning already!
3 days of swimming in the sea...eating the most succulent king-fish, pomfret, red snapper. big fat fresh fish. heaven. crazily spiked pinacoladas, bloody marys, kingfisher beer and breezers. the laying in sand, just where the surf mixes with the sand. made me a sand pillow and all i did was lie there and let the waves lash at me. the games we played in the water. on the sand. the card games in cafe lila, my favorite cafe in goa. by the baga river. smoked kingfish and aubergine pate and croissants and lotsa of noise. i think we woke up the entire cafe with our mad game.
the smell of pot in the air. the platters of fish, the numerous dips in the water. the showers and the numerous hammocks at the villa. it was all spiked with love. an so much of it. it was perfect.
the last time i was in goa, was over newyears. this is what i said...
goa over new years. nothing but sheer indulgence. spoilt me. goan lunches. english breakfasts, italiano dinners...the good life. lazy long brunches at cafe lila's (not to confuse with the fancy hotel) beautiful little place by the baga river creek. chicken pate', sour dough bread, smoked fish (sex is nothing compared to this kingfish...please trust me). smoothies and shakes, cheese and croissants. aaah. authentic goan food (but terrible terrible service) at martins in south goa. my goan friend j who was with us on the trip was on a 'goa pride' mode and wanted us to sample everything local...xacuti, local bread, fish preperations, the works. little snippets from him about old goa. st augutine's star which was a beautiful ruins. will post pics if my friend b ever gives em to me. swimming in the sea is so liberating! j and i went bonkers. spent a good amount of time with him for the first time. bonded like nobodies business. over common interests (to shallow to write about...haha). port wine, cashew feni with mirch and orange drink (vile), good old sula, breezers (pansy drink and all, but ok if its between sessions or real drinking) on the beach, beer by the gallon on the beach beds, fresh lime sodas for breakfast.
the most beautiful night was the night of 1st jan 2006. 6 bloody mary's (just for a frigging 100bucks each... i wana live on anjuna) and a peaceful beach. clear sky, stars, walking alone on the deserted beach, faintr music in the background, and those little fish which light my feet. it was lke walking under stars and on stars. have never ever been so happy. at peace. c'est la vie. it is!
went with a bunch of friends with whom i have developed over a short apell of time (a little over a year) a great comfort level. we were all just being our selves. priorities didnt clash. we all are gluttons (new year confessions and all). shopped some. got back guava cheese (divine) and coffee liquer and cherry brandy liquer (cant spell the word) and some flip flops. sand in my soul.
all in all a perfect trip. all i wanted and more (except for the shady club we partyed at which was more of a pick up joint for aging firangs and the fact that i didnt get laid...i tried and so hard...hehe). if you have noticed, the blog is getting more honest this year.
getting back to bombay was a rude shock, to say the least. wasnt prepared for the onslaught. need to go back.

current colour: sea green

Sand in my soul
Exactly how I felt on coming back from Bali.

PS: You make my existence feel very useless right now, coz I've never *ever* visited Goa :(
Just curious to know if the trip took place recently? We are planing a Goa trip too, but some ppl warned that time around May 12-15 might not be very well spent in Goa, lots of heat and humidity will spoil the journry etc, If your trip was recent you might be able to tell me how much weather effect the trip etc.

Wud be very thankful!!
Sigh I also want a trip like that to think me needs a break from all this, but no time, no company and no budget as of now :-S Ah la vie, c'est une poutain!
casa - am sure you can rectify it! and bali is awesome too na?

vardhman - my trip was very recent. as in i got back yesterday. around mid may will be very hot. tho i personally think its fine, coz u can be in the shacks by the sea or under parasols. and evenings are rather pleasant. i have been to goa in almost every season. never complained!

geetanjali - girl, do swear like that! there is a time for everything...
aristera: Merci beaucoup pour vous help. Unfortunately/fortunately On ne partons pas Goa this summer. Changed plans to go to Ooty and nearby places. Hopefully Goa trip wud be in December or so!
vardhman - you are welcome. try and go to wellington, if you havnt already. its a bit lower than ooty. less commercial too.
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