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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


hai to nayee phir bhi hai puraane

am at peace with a lot. thats really good. things hardly bother me much. some things do. lots dont. am chilling in my head. i fret over somethings but in time i think i can handle those too. some skeletons from the closet have been burried and put to rest. some hate and wrath has been dealt with and channelised in the right direction, i think. reading a bit now. high time. had been out of touch with my books for sometime. was feeling odd. good to catch up on my reading. re-reading 'Of Love and Other Demons', my favorite marquez book. he is GOOD. will post my two-bit on it once i am done.
project completion today. so am happy. satisfaction happens. feel lazy right now. M is coming to site today. its fun to have her around. keeps giving mad gyaan about things. hehe. now its time to run to work. take the day full on and get it over and done with. please, god help me do my paper. am worried. procrastinated it so so so much. hey raam.
do people get my blogpost titles? as in not why the posts are titled such, but the songs? i know for a fact that 'Sex and Mumbai' does. but do the others? doubt it.
ek khatma ho, to dusari raat aa jatee hai, hothon pe phir bhoole hue baat aa jaatee hai...
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I love the songs too and you know that. May be we should translate it for the others? *Evil Grin*...Who knows even then they might not be able to understand them...Bah!! All essence of Gulzar lost. Back to posting letters?
Well I have to admit even I thought so myself till I was reading up on your past posts and noticed a string of 'Masoom' songs. I couldnt put together the link there but I guess 'Sex & the city' did that now...
We get your song titles. Sometimes. Other times, we just pretend. That we do.
sex - some of our 'friends' would really need a translated version. lets give it a shot.

saurabh - some are 'Masoom', some are not. most are 'Gulazar', all are not.

casa - hehe. good enough. as long as i dont get to know!
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