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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Dosar, the companion

ritudi's latest offering. very nice. much better than his last few flicks. a very cliched plot, dealt with great sensitivity. infidelity. konkona is fantabulous and so is prosenjit. she plays Kaberi, the distraught wife with so much nuance. the screenplay is tight and crisp. the cinematography is striking. the poetry and the background scores are very interesting. but i dont know why it was made in black and white. i think it was a bit affected. colour would have worked just as well or perhaps better.
the conflict within kaberi as a wife and as a woman is interesting. the potrayal is beautiful. the sub-plots of the infidelity of the friends makes it more edgy. all in all a rich film.
aamar thoth tomar thott chholom.... a poem used rather interestingly in 3 different situations. but are they really very different? the other characters like the boss, his wife, the mothers or the neighbour are very believable and add to the realness of the situation.
needless to say, sensharma looks amazing in the film. devastating and devastated!
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