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Tuesday, May 23, 2006



went through a bloggers block for a while. opened the 'new post' page and didnt know what to write. tried to not write about anything too personal in the past few posts. it backfires. so i decided to do my film reviews et all. thanda posts. well.
the weekend got over so so so fast. but sunday was good. brunch (which turned into lunch because we were rather late) at moshe's. the food was divine. chargrilled aubergines, nice breads, marinated olives, chicken and greens, pasta, mud pie, mousse, mango cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake and so much more. gimme a D, gimme a I, gimme a V, gimme a I, gimme a N, gimme a E.
this week is a deadline, i was sure i would miss. but i think i am going to make it. so its ok. but generally interest levels in work have nose-dived. i think i need to re-structure things at work. loads to do, i procrastinate. all the time. my aesthetics paper is due end of the week. hardly worked on it. am a bad boy. bad, bad, bad. going on a holiday next week. am excited as hell. wanted to this for so so long. almost 8 years. yay!
what else? *sigh* this is a forced post. to get back into the groove.
trying to do something interesting. non-work related. am excited. hope it works out. there's no reason why it shouldnt. so keeping my fingers crossed. chalo now i cant cant write anymore forced stuff.
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Where are you going on holiday? Waited 8 years for it... so must be something really really good. I demand that you tell us :p
Enjoy Pondi....It brings back such beautiful memories. Five times in a span of like six years. I love it!! The sand. The beer. The calm. The serenity. It is so overwhelming. *Hugs*
casablanca - auroville...

sex - am in pondi only for half a day. its mainly auroville.
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