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Friday, May 05, 2006


aye sala, abhi abhi, hua yakeen

blogging while i sip strong strong black coffee. not out of choice, i just forgot to by a carton of milk. hmpf.
some people are best left in the past. friends (or something like that), who you dont identify with anymore. this one friend from the past came over last night to collect some boks of his. i wanted it over and done with, asap. dont know why. we dont have anything in common. then i rushed off to my granny's for some nice dhan-saak dinner. with brown rice, ofcourse. then rushed back to bandra (within a span of two hours of coming back from there) to meet M for a coffee. she is to leave for jaipur for a month. had to give her some stuff and wanted to catch up. she never fails to amaze me. her approach to life. i am learning from her. though she better not know that. after all i am her proffesor. hehe. nice. she is so well-rounded in her ways. so much of values. so much. hats off lady! someday, i shall too. *promises himself solemnly*
then met my baby for a late late night cheesecake.
i think i am handling life with a little more sense. at the same time, am not looking feverently for answers and meanings. have decided to do something. lets see how it goes. but am sure i want to do it. need to loosen up. am not a bussinessman. i am a creative person. i need to grow more. need to do so much more.
cant wait for the weekend. will have to work a bit on saturday morning, but thats ok. rest of the day is all for me. sunday, at last. meet loadsa friends. paint a bit. eat like mad, mad. want to meet A. i hope she has time. she is going away soon. *sigh* and want to go watch this bunch of people salsa away the night...
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Someone sure has a happening life! Keep it up :)
:-) Hope you get to meet A - she got her visa date. It's all so pukka now...Wonder when I'll get to meet you two again...:-/

Bon Weekend - hope the good days linger and the shadows frm the past, of loneliness and of doubt don't come anywhere near you! Bisous!
...Life...and all what it has to offer. Kudos!!
casablanca - oh yes! hehe.

geetanjali - i tried calling her. in vain. lets do something before she goes na?

sex - jo bhi likha hai....
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