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Saturday, April 01, 2006


yeh kya jageh hai...

running a slight fever. throat infection. last night was some good drinks at Zenzi. eclectic crowd, ajeeb music. but had a good time. was feeling a bit sick by the end of it though. woke up this morning to realise that i am dying. it was a good life, well spent. hehe. last two days have been
H-E-C-T-I-C, to put it very mildly. back-to-back meetings. going to be the same on monday. today's schedule's have obviously gone for a toss. still managed one meeting. the other one (the more important one) i had to cancel. was sapped of all energy. damn. needed to get it done with today.
want to go see Transamerica. even though i have the dvd, decided to see it on the big screen. my house guests are leaving in two weeks. sad that there wont be any little kid to play with in the house. but also glad that i will get my oh-so-important-to-me space. *chuckles* the solitude and the quiet i miss a lot. getting used to it.
sex is overrated. na? dont bother answering it.
i think i shall try and make the most of my ill-health and study atleast one chapter today. am so not prepared for my exams. *shiver runs down spine* monday meeting will finalise the new offer. should work out. lets see. will not carry a resume. too painful to make one. i hate it.
why do people read my blog? i have no clue.
once my house guests go, i want to start painting. its been ages. months. want to throw a party too. need to go for a south indian thali lunch. M has promised to buy me lunch, a sort of guru dakshina. hehe.
the final juries went alright. not as great as they should/could have, but not bad. the students were happy, i think. want to beleive that my inputs were of some use to them, and that they has improved over the semester. have put in my papers (verbally). time to move on. a year was good. i learnt a lot too. but timeto move on.
tired already. want to recover fast. what a waste of a weekend. damn. damn. had to do so much. firend from delhi is back. had plans for dinner. thought would catch up with the 'gang'. wanted to go for a salsa thingy on sunday evening. will still try and make it. need to pump myself up with em medicines. na?
current colour: indigo.

....ha ha ha melodrama baby!! take it easy. eat some nice soup and you will be up and running. take care of yourself
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