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Friday, April 28, 2006 the place i belong

all my bags are packed.
am ready to go...
3 days in GOA! *cathces breath*
should be a great weekend.
have warned everyone here to not bother me for the next three days.
going to stay in a portuguese villa. mandrem beach. off the typical scene of baga and anjuna. but a stone's throw from arambol, vagator and in close proximity to anjuna.
packed em shorts. i actually bought a ganji! woohooo. but only for goa. i swear *pinches the flesh over the adams apple and has a solemn expression*
lotsa things to do. nothing to do at all. eat a lot. drink a lot. make merry (yes, thats what we call IT these days!) MUHAHAHAHAHA.
off in 30 mins. gotta shut the house up and clear up the fridge. and here i am blogging away to glory. hehe. not very me. but my new mantra in life is 'throw caution to the winds'. hehe.
ladies and gentlemen, love you all! *waves to the readers* miss me.
mad i have gone.
current colour: washed out plum

Awwww. Miss, we will. But go have a blast in Goa, and do make merry ;)
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