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Thursday, April 13, 2006


thoda sa badal, thoda sa pani, aur ek kahani

Even Elliot feels April is the cruelest month.
The heat gets to me. Last year I was nicely tucked away into a nice air-conditioned office all day. A 10 to 9 job. Well. This April I run all over the city. I gotme a cap. So you can barely recognize me on the streets with me in my large shades and this cap. Beat the heat. Or whatever. Nonsense I blog. I swear.
Am all fine now. No fever no nothing. Back to work in full swing. so it feels good. But I still don’t think I am all fit to do the across the city meeting followed by back and forth. Don’t have the strength. So I plan only one thing. Yadayadayada. God alone knows why I am blogging about this…
So I went out of town for a day. By the way, Hiranandani Gardens at Powai look as GODAWFUL from the skies as it does from an ant’s eye view. So, that’s that. Mad frustrating day of work. On my feet from 6 am to 2 am. 2 hours of flight delay and an hour of hovering over the Arabian ocean. Went bonkers. Totally. *sigh*
Got lots of work done though. Met an old college friend over lunch. Was good. Studied a bit on the way back. About 2 hours. Am so not prepared for the exams on Sunday, its not funny. But I think I will cram up as much as I can on Saturday. Today is going to be a long long day. Madh island and all… tomorrow is going to be longer. Am excited about something. The narcissist in me is going to be humoured. Wooohoo!
Flirting outrageously with an acquaintance-friend. Its great fun. Lotsa undercurrents. But am not looking at anything serious. Just some good ol harmless fun. God knows I need it. *wicked chuckle*
Miss my aunt. She has been away for almost two weeks now. Coming back from a holiday tonite. Hope she gets me some nice presents. She better! Else she is asked to go back. Last week of this month, am going to take two full days off and just chill. Indulge. Do nothing. A is also away. On another stupid business trip. Has been given a list of thingy to get back. Hehe. Fun hua.
Time to go for a shower. Time to head out to face the tropical world. Damn the heat. Is it not hotter than all these years? Does anybody’s father stand by their dining table while they eat? Refuses to sit down. And keeps talking above their heads? *yells in despair*
Why cant it rain. I cant wait anymore. Its so beautiful when it does, and work will also be less then. I think. I want to sit by the window and just look at the trees all wet… aur ek kahani…
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Mad you are - completely so! Next you'll be singing Rain Rain come again...;-)

Btw 'AHA!!!" Maintenant j'ai compris ce que tu as dit l'autre jour! Je t'embrasse mon cher!
mad to the t aris you...but i love you... :-)
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