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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


sapne pe paav padd gaya tha...

so someone told me last night that my blog is TOOO RANDOM. ahem. too many thoughts. i change the topic of discussion even within the same sentence many times over. i went back to the last few posts. yes. i do that. but then i even talk like that. i suddenly hang up the phone, mid-sentence, i go "go away, i need to work/sleep now". too random. c'est moi. but i thought i must structure the thoughts. but today, i dont think i should. i like the de-structured thoughts. they are more tactile, if you know what i mean. more humane. doesnt matter.
date tonite. drinks. should be fun.
been hooked to Sex and the City. it cheers me up, like nobody's bussiness. just kills me. started liking Samantha and Carrie. was a die hard Maranda fan. not anymore. one line in an episode from season 6... Samantha (S) and this Random Fuck (RF)...
RF: you are harsh
S: yes, i am harsh. i am also demanding, stubborn, self-sufficient and always right. in bed, in the office and everywhere else. and thats just a little bit about me!
hehe. need to watch more of it. i want to buy me the entire set of 6 seasons. but must cost a bomb. lets leave it for times when i am very low. hehe.
so yesterday was a great day. disgusting house guests left fora month. they will be back only for a day to pick up their stuff. YAY! WOOOHOOO! *does a little jig* so i am a free man again. it had been weighing me down like i never knew it was. feels so light now. wow. and am organising work a little. so i like that. still too much to handle, but its ok. planned my holiday a little more concretely now. am thrilled to bits.
exam on sunday was good. i will clear it. the question on stupa narratives was there. i liked that. had a great lunch with friends. Basillico. nice nice food, great ambience and superb service. am gonna go back soon. followed by coffe at JATC, followed by window shopping at Benetton, Cotton World and Hidesign. mint tea at Prithvi. came home to watch 2 hours of Sex and the City. planned my "i am not into you" speech. felt liberated. the prospect of seeing this someone wighed me down. thats not how it is supposed to be, na?
yesterday was just anorther long work day. got done only at 10pm. *sigh*. today i do more of the same. and tomorrow is the same. nice. everyone around is going through the same grind.
this aamir khan at narmada? bit much. but then to each his own. this thing of tops falling off on the ramp? WHATEVAAA. this about the jail meals for salman making it to the front page? *throws up* and you ask me why i dont read the papers. blah.
time to go take a boat. hehe. could nt resist that one. off to the jetty, cap on, shades on. yay!
current colour: silver

But we like reading random! You mean, there be a problem with that?
*raises eyebrows*
u have been very prolific i see - but 100% + relapse chance hmmm
casa - oh, if thats what my favorite reader feels... i shall rethink... hehe.

guppie - that i have. and dont you 'hmmmm' me!
Ok wierd - you blog abt exs one day and then abt planned ex the next day! But then I'm victorian.

We go to Basilica next trip ok - and drag melodramatic scientist there and treat her there, what say?

I also want to take a boat and wear my cap!
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