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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


pehle se likha kuch bhi bhi likha hai...yeh lamha filhaal...

most eventful past few days. life is changing so fast, so soon. too much happening too soon. work, love life, everything. its like being caught in this whirlwind. a crazy crazy dream project offer. talks are on. but its so FUCKING big, its not funny. something i thought i would do 25 years from now. hope as hell it works out. actually, even if it doesnt, the fact that i was considered for the project is a kick-ass thing in itself. *gloats*
in a dilemma about one thing, though. dont know what to do. lets see. catch 22.
am extremely happy these days. extremely. being myself. 'throwing caution to the winds' like my baby says it. its surreal. and its been so long. one relationship in the last 2 years. for 2 months. and an awful waste at that. had almost forgotten what it is like. almost. last evening was PERFECT. so were all the other dates. are we rushing it? my friends think so. i would have thought so. but if it seems right, then why not? it would be forced to take things slowly when you feel a certain way, na? the rose is standing in the emptied bottle of rose'.
cant wait for it to be the weekend. goa. oh my goa. wooohoooo. mad amount of work (almost inhumane) to be finished before i can push off. but i know it iwll all be so much fun. for a change am not obsessing over the details. where or what or how. i really dont care. i just...
a lifetime is spent. a lifetime needs to be lived.
listening to: Mazart symphony no.25 in G minor (tihs one is to amuse you, viv!)
current colour: burnt purple

As weird as it sounds... sometimes you really inspire me! I mean, how much work do you manage to cram in your days. Also makes me feel lazy at times. Damn, I need to do more. SO much more.
no no. i barely manage to cram much. its just that i have my own practice, so in that sense i can do things i want to whenever i want to. but then i make up for it later. thats it. and i feel so lazy at times, its not even funny. but then i feel guilty and get back to work. hehe. i need to do so much more too!
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