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Sunday, April 16, 2006


kisi ke jaane ke baad, kare phir uski yaad

that 'sex and mumbai' tagged here goes...

1. What is the total number of books you've owned? about 500
2. What is the last book you bought? shyam sevadurai's 'swimming in the monsoon sea'
3. What is the last book you've read? 'When was Modernism' -Geeta Kapur
4. What are you currently reading? 'All You Who Sleep Tonight' - Vikram Seth
5. What are the 5 books that have meant a lot to you or that you particularly enjoyed?
Catcher in the Rye, Golden Gate, An Equal Music, Of Love and Other Demons, Unbearable Lightness of Being
6. What book(s) would you wish to buy next?
Jogen Chowdury- The Complete Works,
Oscar Wilde - The Complete Works
7. What book(s) caught your attention but you never had a chance to read?
cant think of anything offhand, but am sure there are loads
8. What book(s) that you've owned for so long but never read?
A Suitable Boy
9. Who are you going to pass this stick to and why?
geetanjali, she made me read...
kisi ke jaane ke baad, kare phir uski yaad, chhoti chhoti see baat...

the ex. exes. the ex files.
opened them tonite.
love lost.
hehe. thought i must put it down. nostalgia. selective memories. what i learnt. the hard way? perhaps. not sure. so anyways...
1. this was long long ago. PB. this bong thing. 9th standard. classes. snoozing on the beach. it was more testosterone driven than anything else. ofcourse back then i thought it was love. my friends hated PB. thought i deserved better. till date they remind me of PB and i still go read in the face. i mean what was i thinking?
Life: 12 months. Recovery: overnight.
2. EN. this iranian dish. 10th standard. tutions. it was more of arm candy. the trophy. but so low on the grey cells, it wasn't funny.
Life: 3 months. Recovery: 6 months
3. AD. in college. 1st year. crazy crush. acted in the play i directed. still a friend or sorts. later was seeing my closest friend and roomie. hahaha.
Life: 12 months. Recovery : overnight
4. AS. 2nd year. love? yes. numerous coffees, drives, walks, conversations.
Life : 36 months (on and off). Recovery: still recovering in some ways
REPEAT CHANCES : 100% + *sighs*
5. MT. sometime mid of break up with no.4. lust. lots. turned into a long distance thingy. fizzled out. and i still wasnt over no.4
Life: 8 months. Recovery: overnight
6. AT. when i moved back to bombay. was impressed. was flattered by the interest in me. esoteric. artsy. intelligent (or so it seemed). thought i wasnt good enough (ya rrright...look where you are now baby). am still bitter. will always be. disgusting behavior. slimy. arrogant bitch.
Life: 4 months. Recovery: 6 months
Its been 11 years now. 6 down. god knows how many more to go. lerant a lot from some of them. regrets? none. even some good came outof the worst of the lot. heart break and pain, oh loads. but c'est la vie. its all a part and parcel, na? dating these days. on and off. petrified everytime anyone gets serious. i know its bad. but i cnt help it. need more time. need more space than i ever did, before. am more sure now than ever of what i dont want.
what am i looking for in that person? has to be simple. very essential. more intelligent than i am. self made and successful or atleast working towards it. similar lifestyle (to put it politically correctly). a sense of humour would help. looks dont matter much. pleasant is the benchmark. aesthetic sensitivity.

Is it really so easy to make a list of what one wants in his or her love? I've always found it so difficult to do that... I mean people come as packages, take it or leave it. We cant tweak around and customise, can we?
choti choti si jaane kyun...
casa - so true. but i am paid to tweak around and customise. old habits die hard and all that...

ritzkini - who be this? :)
Heheh - takes her bows. I had to make sure you were an educated man na? ;-) *ducks for cover as Aris baba shoots killing look*
Shall do this soon on Literary Mosaic - promise!

As for part 2 of post, I dnt think I WILL EVER get what you saw in no.1 and will ever forgive you for hoisting her on me - shit is that another killing look? ;-)

It will happen baby - I still believe in love surprisingly. Heh.
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