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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


jaane kitney dino ke baad, gali mein aaj...

nothings better than a full long day of productive work, that ends in a GOOD date. after the longest time. strangely, i know my date is going to be reading it, but have decided that like always, one shall presume that there is no reader involved. its not like the rasa theory which is viewer centric. anyways. so i got lotsa work done yesterday. rushed home and rushed out. drinks. theres something about sitting by the sea and sipping beer. and with my history and affinity for both, it could only have been good. the company was great. some chilled out conversation. some nonsense, which i think is good. i was completely at ease. after so long. damn. i keep saying 'after so long'. but its true. the last good date was some time ago. anyways. am happy. really happy. yay! a long walk on the promenade. holding hands. PDA. so not me. but i didnt care. i was happy. really happy. sublime. the breeze. the palms. just right. no, am not gushing. well. some awesome sorbet. am hooked. strawberry sorbet. why didnt anyone tell me about this before? nonsense only people are.
today was early morning rushing to town. lotsa work. great lunch at friends place. drooled over the art collection. 9 souzas. 2 bhupens, 1 jogen one collaboratie rarity, a shergil and loads more. *sigh* someday. a fabulous zarina hashmi. am considering getting one. lets see. but great company. G and his mommy. very good hosts. some nice roast mutton with mint sauce, some good mushrooms, bell peppers and broccolli glazed, some beans. me took some nice blueberry cheesecake from theobroma. oh, the mid-afternoon breezer felt good. hehe. *satiated grin* got lotsa work done. but wound up early. nice. will make up for it tomorrow. no problem. sorting work out is helping. am not irked or tensed about things. yay!
strong urge to paint. i think i will, once the exam is over and done with. a large work. planning. will gift it to someone. lets see. need to think some on this. weekend should be fun, if it comes. saturday will be studying all day, meeting someone for their work, bharti kher's show in the evening, an early night. sunday will be early morning. go to the university in godforsaken kalina...write the damn paper. and then yay! time...
so my posts are getting longer. i noticed it too. its being mentioned by people now. ok. well, have been in a rather pro-people mood these days. perhaps that is why. oh, i need to call it a night now. tomorrow should get an early start, before the silly phone calls start bothering me. lets see. want to try and get the dvd of sex and the city and watch some. dont know if i will be able to. generally, by the time i get back, am so dead tired that i can hardly do anything but get outa my clothes, and crash. nt good. well.
current colour: burnt red

Oh oh... I have Sex and the City on DVD. And man, its addictive or what!

PS: Good luck for your pseud exam.
casa - psued exam?
I thought pseud was common college lingo in India. Didnt think I'd ever have to explain it :p

But ya, your course sounds so pseud.. so serious... so elitist. Get the drift? ;)

Okay okay, dont kill me!
LOL @ Casa! Go girl!

Aristera - Pray tell me what is wrong with long posts, or rambling posts and why you must explain them? Eh?
I also want blue berry chesse cake...and painting from you. But then you wouldn't give it to mere mortals like me *sulk*
Kalina isn't THAT god forsaken - how can someone who lives in Bombay call a suburb merely 2 stations and a bus trip away 'god forsaken'? Eh? Spoilt snob Aris Baba!
You're right... you're date is reading. The hand-holding really was great for me too. As for 'after a long time' goes... ditto on that too, longer for me for sure. And last evening... oooh la la.. C'├ętait super! Can't go wrong with sex and the city ;-) See you soon aristera.
this is cute. but me being the soul of discretion, i'm going to ignore all the date parts.

zarina is a good buy... lunch seems to be an idea.
casa - it is serious and elitist. but there is NOTHING pdued about it. and common college lingo? honey, i dint go to any COMMON college.

geeta - shut up

the date - its just not soon enough.

flysplat - how good a buy, dahling? lunch midweek next week?
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