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Monday, April 24, 2006


its not poetry, its my life

]Real, really?
Mad, completely.
Fake, really.
Weird, actually.
Sensible, rarely.
Happy? Occasionally.
Nostalgic, immensely.
Nonchalant, rarely.
Cold, regularly.
Tired, nocturnally.
Self-doubts? Daily!
Hopeful? Completely.
Hopeless, absolutely.
Clever? Selectively.
Obliges, testily.
Settle-down, ultimately.
Break-down, annually.
Ambitious, obviously!
Ethical, rightly.
Drink? Socially.
Smile, fortnightly.
Vexed, bi-monthly.
Mega-irked, weekly.
In love? Seriously.

Awesome! Beautifully done.

In love? Seriously.
Good to know that. Its always good to know anyone in love :)
casa - :)
Heheh good exercise in adjectives and adverbs! Gives me ideas for my class! Merci mon cher - Mwaaaa!
...i loved it and you know it! :-)
Good one :) :) !!
nice... actually!!!
Awesome, so well written..
chitra - thanks!

khushi - hehe, thanks!

educatedunemployed - thanks...
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