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Friday, April 21, 2006


iss sheher mein tum jaise deewane hazaaron hain

Am I a Flower -Bhupen Khakar
*takes deep breath, ponders, smiles, rolls eyes at ones own silly ways then begins to post*
last night was one of the better dates. decided to call in food and watch something on the dvd. me being me, got a little worked up about having someone over. rarely does osmeone come over. and a date? um, ok. very, very rare. so i ventured out, local florist. flowers for cookie jar, flowers for bowl, flowers fot milk bottle in my bedroom, flowers for kitchen. hehe. yes, i do get carried away. cleaned the work table.wnet and bought some nice rose'. reccomended by evistagio. grover rose'. rather nice. hommus, pita bread, fattoush salad, penne, date and walnut cake laced with cherry brandy lacquer. sex and the city. season 6. part two. 4 shows. awesome. am so happy. its scary. something has to go wrong. for a change have taken a very conscious decision. no putting the other person on a pedestal. not too think i am not good enough and why would someone like that fall for me. time to not mess things up. a little self-worth may help.
so anyways. enough soul searching. my blog is not for that. its more food and drinks and books and nice things.
was about to delete the last few sentences. i know 'the date' will read this. but its fine. cant let that change anything. shouldnt affect what i blog. oh, and i must keep telling myslef all the time...i am good, i am good, bloody good. its not like you are god's gift ot mankindo r anything. though you are bloody good *rolls eyes, is going all bonkers, giggles, rolls eyes once more*. OMG! aristera, behave! you are not a teenager. havent been one for some time. so please! *stammers, stutters, doesnt know what to say, cant help but behave like this*
so the exam is on sunday. god know when i will study. but htis paper is kind of chill. i think. lets see. packed weekend. tomorrow meeting a friends mommy for some work, then material sourcing and billnigs (how i hate billings!) and then study some, please? might step out for a coffee or drink in the evening. but just for a wee bit. and that too might. not sure. lets see. sunday is real packed. morning stupid exam in godforsaken kalina. then might do lunch. then some friends thingy for something. then will go for this thingy which seems like a lot of fun. kinda date, i think. i hope.
got home after 11 hours of work and a coffee date. the godawful trains, how i hate them. cuffee parade is a strange place. can never think of it as a residential area. awful to live there. really awful. anyways. came home to a messy house. maid locked herself out of the house while discarding garbage and left her set of keys inside. so i came home at 9pm to do dishes of the fabulous meal from last night. wine glasses to bowls to plate, the works. nonsense. nonsense. nonsense. i hate doing dishes. i do. i do.
tired as hell now. but thats ok. want to #$%^*
*smiles for no reason whatsoever* this post is so going to freak out 'the date'. please dont read it! please. am not a freak. i swear. i do. *sighs*
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this is becoming cutesy...

call next week and we'll set something up...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
flysplat - hehe *grins ear to ear*
Wondering what the deleted comments had to say... hmmmmm. I am a curious one you see ;)

PS: Were they from the date?
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