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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


huzur iss kadar bhi...

Been pumping myself up with em anti-biotics and all sorts of herb concoctions. Sacred basil and mint leves in hot water. Turmeric and huney in hot water. Salt water gargles. Steam inhalations. Vitamins. Fruits. Teas. *sigh* still running a mild fever. Irritated. Worked like mad for 11 hours on my feet yesterday. I know I know. But I cant help it. Am going to sleep it off today. Yesterday I played superhero. Am paying the price today. *sigh*. But all’s well. Work going on smoothly. Have the irksome task of making a resume (yes, I actually went for an interview without a resume or anything but my attitude) *blushes*. But that’s me. It wasn’t so much for the effect as much as for the laziness that I feel when I have to make a resume. One of those small tasks which I find B-O-R-I-N-G.
Am like a zombie for the past three days. A little slow in comprehending. A little slow in speech. Drowsy as hell. Its like being a wee bit drunk/ high. Buzzed? *chuckles* but I need to get over this soon. High time. Cant go on sipping em hot concoctions forever, can i? have been studying a bit. Sunday was a good 8 hours of studying. Today I intend to finish sme more. Decided that Islamic aesthetics are easier to deal with as opposed to jain or Buddhist or hindu (the most painful and complex) as it has no / hardly any hangover from other ideologies. Its rather simple. Relatively less faceted and easy to finish of for the exams. Hehe.
Will sit home and wrk on the laptop. Make calls and co-ordinate things. Thinki should keep one day a week for just this. Organizes life and gives me a break from running across the city like a madman. *ponders*
Bought some cd’s. been listening to them for the last two days. Feel nostalgic. The music we played in my apartment at college. Miss my roomies. Have grown a little distant from them. Nothing that cant be re-bonded when we meet next. But I have changed a lot, a lot, a lot in the past 1.5 years. *sips concoction and ponders and sighs* too much has happened. Changes. The way I look at myself has changed tremendously. The frieds I hang out with. The things I do. C’est la vie.
Current colour: olive green

Why why why? Why do people try to be superheroes? Puts so much pressure on those that just want to relax and lead a simple life :p

PS: How do you bring yourself to study after work? I cant :( Pliss to share secret of efficiency.
casa - *puts on nerd glasses (albeit gucci) and begins monologue* once you are already a hero, you need newer milestones. superhero-dom is the next milestone. some people are destined to lead 'complex' lives.
PS: i essentially believe that i am a little dumb. studying is the only salvation. so its more of an exercise to prove to myself that i Can. plus me studying aesthetics. and i find it absolutely fasinating. so that helps...
Aris : If you are dumb then god alone knows what am i? You know u are not dumb. You are clever and I am not saying this because you are a friend. I am saying this cos I believe it. Always have. *hugs*
Heh fishing for compliments Aris baba? Come on where's the good ol' condescending attitude that's synonymous to you and all those intelligent beings that walk this earth eh?
You kindly take care - as it is you're having those antibiotics which drain you even more, even while trying to cure you. Homeoepathy - when will you listen to me?
Changes...hmmm...let's compile a book abt them, what say?
hey there... just thought I would stop by and answer your qst... would be too vain to expect you to come read the reply...

Ganpatiphule's in ratnagiri on the konkan coast. you can take a train from mumbai to ratnagri and then take a bus/auto to Ganpatipule or take a bus to a village called Nivli on the Mumbai-Goa highway and then take an auto from there. it's about 9 hours from mumbai.
sex - :-)

geeta - i dont fish for compliments. i will not write a book.

visualscribe - you werent vain.
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