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Sunday, April 09, 2006


ab toh hai tumese har khushi apni

yesterday was my last class. yay! one year of it was good. but was tired of sacrificing all my saturdays. all. i saw my attendance. 4 absences in the entire year. of which 2 i was travelling. one saturday was a miserable hang over and one saturday i was plain bored to go. hehe. not bad. the class was on PostModernism. had immense fun. my absolute area of interest. i remember niraj, in college, calling me PoMo (i was obssesed with all PostModern theories, with derrida being my best friend). hehe. i was also called FabIndia (i had every kurta in every colour they had. my daily attire was a plain solid coloured kurta, cream chudidaar and my bag) and chaddu (for my penchant to change into shorts at the onset of summer and i wore em to college too!). Abhay Sardesai's lecture. a treat. did not agree with his take on Gehry at all. and did not understand the hungama about that T.S.Elliot. but them poerty is not me.
ham and cheese sanwiches, sev puri and pot tea at the yatch club. with the journo/collector and the academician architect. good fun. rush to Bodhi.
dodhiya at boadhi. the father of all contemporary artists meets the grandmother of all galleries. the show was 'not-bad'. dodhiya? i think the rooted, vernacular idiom, the self-deperecatory remarks, the impromtu inspirations were a bit of a put-on. i could be wrong. i dont know. but the gallery is beautiful. hats off to rahul mehrotra. neat shell. the first floor looks like a ship. its where the erstwhile TGIF kalaghoda used to be.
drinks with M at zenzi. she rocks. and how. an awesome woman. this is how people ought to be. the lust for life. the humility. the arrogance. some two hours of beer guzzling and staggering out to a chinee place on carters. cant even recall the name. some wok. nothing to shout about.
meeting a bunch of friends at a party. mad party. hot as hell. the AC not working. but the energy levels were high. spirits were high too. good fun. some more beer. was still rather sober though. not bad. then rushed out. was up for a good 5 hours after that. !#$%^* my brains off.
woke up burnig with fever. irksome. i hate it. why me! slept off the entire morning. went to a waste of a meeting. burning with fever. but couldnt have postponed it. *sigh*. cam hom and slept some more. woke up to call for some pasta. to blog. *bows*
a little contemplative about my single status. been nipping too many prospective relationships at the bud. a few dates and then i start freaking out. dont know why. cant find anything wrong with any of them. but still. need to change this attitude. been single for a year now. need to change this. need to share so much. need someone per se. par Godot hai kahan?
current colour: indigo

Godot's an illusion - a mere illusion that we all chase after. Sigh.
Switch to homeopathy. Rest. Chicken soup. Vit C.
I like T.S Eliot - though he can get painfully heavy on the mind.
You've been falling ill ever so often these days. I know it sounds preachy, but maybe you need to slow down for some time. Take it easy.
Dodiya. It's a great show.
geets - illusions.

casa - am good now. merci.

flysplat - great show. true. but the art? but the artist?
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