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Thursday, March 30, 2006


yeh manzilein hain kaunsee, na tum samajh sakay...

casanova. a nice film. fluff at its best. some witty dialogues. decadent venitian life at its best. the theatrics. the drama. the naivete. heard the word 'debauchery' after ages. killed me. and am going to call people 'simpletons' from now on *gleeful chuckle*. been a good day. days are good these days. missed my swim, though. hopefully tomorrow i should be able to, even though its a mad mad mad day. final juries. at last. cant wait to get em outa the way. i hate casablanca. tomorrow i have a power lunch. sounds funny even to my own ears. so not me. will probably be too absorbed in the food to bother with work. hehe.
didnt know more people read my blog. apparently a lot of them do. made me wonder why. is it a voyeur in them? it is like a soap? or what? have no clue. atleast other blogs talk of random subjects. i stick to what i eat, where i go or what i dont eat.
have promised myself to start studying full fledged from april 1. i better. though i dont know where to start. also, have abruptly cut off some people fom my life. some intentionally, some not intentionally. have become immensely intolerant. but i cant help it. dont have the energy to make things work if they dont. even a close friend, who probably read my blog. some not so close friends. can think of atleast 5 people i have almost cut off completely.
making some new friends. mostly from the field. but its great fun. sensible intelligent people. some not from the field. moving on, in some ways. but some old friends i jut need. have grown rather close to/ gotten used to/ need A,A,B,G at a primary level. some other close friends who come close to the next level.
the more i think, the more i am convinced that you fall in love but once. should not think too much. am being a big hypocrite these days. i am getting freaked out by the behaviour of a certain someone who is behaving exactly as i would in the same situation. not done, not done.
some comprmises one doesnt make. at all.
nostalgic about college. about sunder. the painfully simple times below a jamun tree. hours spent hating every architect's work in the world. details. the works. we could actually sit for 6 hours and yap. *sigh*
current colour : eggshell white

>>i hate casablanca

Even the small font doesnt help :(

*goes away to silently cry in a corner*
casa - yay! now that you know you have been a bad girl, its ok. *asks casa to stop crying and come back from the corner*

you've been right chirpy these days...
fly splat - i try!
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