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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


tumse milna purani dilli mein...

Kisi ka kya jo kadamo par
Jabene par bandagee rakh dee
Humari cheez thi
Humne jahan jaane wahan rakh dee

Jo dil manga to
Woh bole,
Ki Thehro yaad karne do
Zara see cheez thi
Khuda jaane humne kahan rakh dee

Marney ke baad bhi
Aankhen khulee raheen
Aadat padee thi
Inhey intezaar ki

Been sleeping early for the past three weeks. Consistently. Waking up kind of early too. Working, reading, eating, walking. Feel good in a way. Feel old too. No clubs, no bars. Eating out a little less too. Is it a phase? Am at peace with myself because am at a point where I am most comfortable being me. The earlier angst of trying to be as expected is no longer there. There is a comforting surety about myself. In every which way. Am becoming a minimalist in some ways (wooohooo…scary) which was hitherto considered way-out-of-question. Might take on a new project which will be a departure from all my previous work. And have decided to make the process fun too. Will have to take a boat to work. Am kicked as hell about it. Sometimes I do act like a little kid. But then am not that old also na? fickle minded me. Futile ambitions are gaining less importance. Some things which are not under ones control are best left alone. It is only wise to not let oneself be affected by them. Am learning. Someone who used to be a friend returned a book which was borrowed and some thing which was gifted. *sigh* but I let it be at that. Didn’t have the energy or inclination to ask questions. Best left alone. Somethings are not meant to be. Another semi-friend has come back to Bombay from thbe city where this above-mentioned ‘use-to-be-a-friend’ is going. The capital. Dilli. A city I love. Please don’t die of a heart attack. I am probably the only Bombayite who loves Dilli. I mean, its not Bombay and can never be, but some bits of delhi are so so beautiful. The hauz khas village which could have been home (but that was another lifetime). A little barsati/ studio overlooking the ruins. The NSD and the purana kila and the crafts museum, chanakya, and shapurjat. *sighs*

Am becoming a minimalist in some ways

Not planning to shop at LV anymore eh? ;)
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casa - no no. LV is still on. some quirk to break the banality of minimal me is required na?
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