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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


titli aar weekend

rituparno's earlier film, 'Titli'. ridiculously pot-boiler in concept and story-line. only thing that makes you watch is the mother-daughter duo played by Aparna Sen and Konkona. lots of regressive cinematography. the usual bong syndrome of ' when in doubt, trot Tagore out'... but it does have its moments. the bits where the daughter insinuates infidelity on her mother...and the mother hints that perhaps she (the daughter) is the reason she never forgot her first love. she didnt let her. putting up his posters, playing his songs and seeing his films all day long. the quesy situation where the mother and daughter have loved the same man without one of them knowing it. a lot of subtle nuances dealt with rather well. and ofcourse Aparna is a treat to watch.
a good weekened. this is how weekends should be. with people you want to be with. no work. eat out a lot. shop a lot. read a bit. watch films. think. trekked. all over pali hill *breathless*.
saw Brokeback Mountain on a dvd last night. it IS a film which grows on you. i like it, a lot.
holi. colours. it has to be gulal. only gulal. and lotsa food. nice pakoras and water and friends and bonhomie. cobalt and umber and ultramarine, aubergine, burgundy, sienna and wine. no. its positively a burnt pink. the colour of gulal. i love the word 'gulal'.
work backlog. dont know what to do with it. procrastinated long enough. maybe tonite.
need to go shop some. lots actually.

Happy holi!

And your post sounds so chirpy. Dont ask me why, but it does. Makes me smile as I read it :)
waiting for your post on gujjus

what do u mean by "So" ????
casa - happi holi!
But baccha it wasn't the weekend yesterday! ;-)

Funny how you say that Aparna is a treat to watch ;-) Incidentally how come you saying nice things abt Holi...and how come you like deep fried chick-pea flour dumplings but object to deep fried wheat flour pancakes? Double standards che Aristera baba!
Thanks for the visit and encouragement. :)
U maintain a good blog too. Keep it up!

Sanjay N
I love to walk over Pali Hill, en route to Sarvoday or Freeda's from my place. Have you seen the water reservoir at the hill's highest point? It's off limits now. Remember biking up to it as a kid. It's quite big actually.
Oh LOL I just noticed the bit abt trekking all over Pali Hill...things filter in slowly these days. ROTFLMAO. Chalo now that you're into trekking, we'll do the tekdi next time you're in town :-)
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