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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


thats me in the corner

wondering if a print (of an original work of art) is more slick, more saturated and colour 'corrected' and refined, then why is it not equated (let alone preffered) to the original. the prints of ravi verma's works look much more appealing than the originals. i recall the visit to the baroda palace (it houses one of the largest collections of his work) to see 'the' raja ravi verma's and was a little disappointed. the prints are richer, for sure. with the art market booming, a new phenomenon is also coming in vogue. the print market, i feel, is about to errupt anytime now.
early to bed and all works well for me. have been almost successful with my healthy food spree. hope it lasts. been swimming religiously. increased it by a lap. *yay* and feel good about it. though it does tire me a bit. but its good. havent been reading at all. but thats ok. need to start studying now. exams fast approaching .*yawns* went shopping yesterday and today (relax readers, am not depressed, just felt like) *chuckles*
havent been to the shack in a long time. want to. lets see. maybe this week. with M. or would like to go to a nice bar with her. dying to go to Zenzi. havent gone anywhere in sometime.
had to kill some hours yesterday in the afternoon and a friend was closeby. it was a good oppurtunity to catch up. had a great lunch at the tea centre. love the place. nice fish in white wine sauce and rice with a side order of salad and fries (only 4 wedges, readers!) and a tall glass of iced tea. mango cheese cake (so i swim na!) *gets irritated*
K called and offereda nice teaching position. very prestigious. am thrilled beyond words. need to fix things on monday. *yay*
want to take a short break, even two days is good. do nothing. just laze around. maybe the next weekend. either the commune in poona or alibaug. dont know. or matheran? nobody seems to want to come with me though. *sigh*

...Alibaug or Matheran without company will be boring. The commune in poona will be better.

...4 wedges is still a lot! carbs and fat? you negate each swim session with each one and it will show if you continue like this. Remember - A MOMENT ON THE LIPS, FOREVER ON THE HIPS...

Have I scared you enough? or should I come back for more? :-)

Now welcome me to your blog...

out in india - ROTFL. scared me like mad. will get my act together. welcome rupesh. am diving into the pool this instant *splash*
Hey lucky you, swimming and all... nice way to keep cool in summer as well as stay fit.
Alibaug? I thought its a common mumbai insult "alibaug se aaya hai kya?".... didnt know people ACTUALLY go there ;)
well, the teaching position sounds nice. might soon be a student there * like i have been telling that for the 3 years now *

moi !
wild reeds - lucky... thats me!

casablanca - o silly you. its a beautiful place near bombay. you take a little boat from the gate way of india. its a popular seaside weekend retreat.

once again - my student? ;-)
Oh, what can I do? *rolling eyes*
I was told so by other mumbaikars :p
Me, on the other hand, is from one of those villages in India :p

PS: Have pulled your leg on my blog. Saw your request to be nice a tad late ;)
casa - there is no such thing as 'mumbaikars'. its 'bombayites'. villages in india? oh!
let me go see what you have written *rushes to casa's blog*
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