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Sunday, March 12, 2006


of bhadralok, melancholic whores and phool babu

raja ravi verma and 'desantification'
it is fascinating to see where ravi verma generates his iconography. the imagery that has tricled down to the indian bourgeoise today. the models who posed for him for his religious paintings in the late 19th century were parsi theatre actresses (of little repute) and whores. so it really boils down to the fact that the religious icons painted by him are quintessentially that of whores. the shakutala series, the sita, etc. purists, go take a jump!
in her brilliant essays 'When was Modernism', Dr.Geeta Kapur propounds various theories which hint at a larger purpose to his work. the civilization project (not always a humanist manifesto) is worked on by ravi verma and is a prime example of the role of an 'aesthete' in the nationalist realm too. his depictions of ideal beauty, of idealic settings (albeit borrowed heavily from pastoral oils of european masters) and ethnographs - all play a very important role in the socio-political scheme of the late 19th century. truly modern.
my favorite new word: Bhadralok (for exampple: that is sooo bhodro. implies: so decadent, so affected, so up market, so snooty, so vain).
Brookback Mountain: poignant, mature, dark, heart wrenching, over-hyped

Hmm Ravi Verma he is my fav. I like his painting about damayanti and the swan. U ?

vij - heard lots bout you. am not overtly fond of verma's works in the visual sense. the effect it had/ is still having on society is what interests me immensely...
Forgive my ignorance... but who is Phool Babu??
are u sure.. u heard about me .. I think u talking of the wrong guy.. just give me a hint from whom not a direct one :)
I am hoping its whom I think it is.. but then dreams have to end when you wake up..
on side notes u got me addicted to your blog.. I think u write well..

casa - this typical dandy (depicted in kalighat painting)...who is vain, dresses up in fancy pleated dhotis (the more the pleats, the more uber chic) and albert-esque hair style and goes to notch girls. he holds a flower in his hand.
vij - ok. so it is the wrong guess. dreams dont have to end when you wake up. sometimes thy begin when you wake up. now you need to give me a hint about who you are. and thanks.
was waiting for reply.. :D - would love to meet..
but I guess let the guesswork shimer like a water set to boil.... may be we might meet when the summer sets in....


the word bhadrolok reeks of hypocriscy
anonymous - so?
btw its bhodrolok and not bhadralok.thought u wudn't pay attention.........never mind
anonymous - its spelt 'bhAdralok' and pronounced 'bhOdrolok'.
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