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Thursday, March 09, 2006


love in the time of bird flu

a crazy crazy workday. couldnt even catch my breath. on my feet and on the move all over the city. but its the only way i like it. i crib and complain *beams angelically* but it still is the only way i like it. could never bring my self to admit it, but i am a worko-friggin-holic. woooooh! there! i finally said it out loud. feels so much better.
last meeting was a huge waste of time. luckily it was over dinner, so anyways it would have been time spent just chomping. clients insisted on feeding me. chole poori. i hate chole and detest poori. poori is the lowest form of food for me. deep fried flour? help!
was so dead after the meeting, i needed to unwind. called a friend and met up for some nice hot earl grey. the warden road barista is charming. unlike its other counterparts in the city. the old architectural context is retained. reminds me of that most beautiful barista on MG rd in bangalore. a walk down warden road. late night. tacky SoBo gujjus hogging on the roadside. oh, SoBo for the uninitiated is South Bombay. might do a post on gujjus one of these days. pointed out my old house to my friend. was reminescing how i went to benzer every single day and got me a toy. and then? then, i grew up.
stopped at haji ali, the beautiful beautiful dargah (shame on bombayites who havent been inside...years ago my granny took me and a cousin there and thereafter for a nice sizzler at kobes and then bought me nice colourpencils) for strawberrys and cream. S-I-N. oooooooooooooooo. can not get over it.
the weekend seems to hold a lot of promises. but then thats two days away. leaving for poona right now, long long tiring day ahead. sigh. such a long journey. will study on the way in the bus.
realising slowly that i am growig up. really growing up. really fast. think am not doing too bad. kind of in love, with myself. ah, the hedonist. *laughs histerically*
currently reading : Abert Camus, Short Stories
Vidya Dehijia, Indian Art
playing in my head : Iss mode pe aate hain , Aandhi.

...poori chole...i hate..ugghs ugghs and all of that. poor u!!
Hey am reading Camus too! His novella "L'étrangère". A gift from my friend Paige.
I remember going to my mama's place in summer - and having a sinful meal of pooris, aamras (the maadu kind is almost like a mango milk shake), fried brinjals, french fries etc - sigh and at ten it was all so nice - no brown bread, less oil, less sugar jhamela
Oh, I love the Bangalore Barista you talk about... have lounged in those sofas for a hours talking to a dear friend. Sigh. Memories.

And you off to Pune? To meet Geets? How nice!
and I am one of those ppl who haven't been to haji ali despite being in bombay for 8 yrs - need to do it asap before the tear the structure down to rebuilt it
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