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Monday, March 27, 2006


kisi nazar ko tera ...

a lazy lazy sunday. woke up late. went out for a film. Being Cyrus. hate as i might that Saif Ali Khan, the film was very good. and if one considers the fact that its Homi Adajania's directorial debut, then its fabulous. slick, well paced and taut. noir and just the right humour. i found the narrative of the protagonist extremely real and identifiable. its almost the way i would speak. what didnt work for me was Saif's accent going terribly yuppie in english (considering his socio-economic background in the film, it was a tad unbelievable) and his bawa accent sucks big time. and some scenes where dimple tries too hard. Naseer is beyond criticism. subtle and contolled. Simone Singh is rather good too. Boman is kind of ok. am not to fond of him to be unbiased. the dream sequence was some forced surrealism (my friend's's words, not mine) but it didnt bother me one bit. some fine dialogues. and all in all a NICE film.
a rather uneventful monday lined up. none of the meetings i planned to fix worked out so am essentially going to sit on the laptop and fool myself that i am doing some work. hehe.

am essentially going to sit on the laptop and fool myself that i am doing some work

Oh, I've mastered that art ;)
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