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Friday, March 24, 2006


khaali haath shaam aayee hai...

what if i am not clever? what if i dont look good? what if i am not a nice person? what if i hate people i am supposed to love? what if i am mean? what if i am rude? what if i cant spell? what if i wish bad things should happen to some people? what if i am ruthless? what if i can not do anything right?
i think i should give up trying so hard.


Q "What if . . ."
A "Then you're being you and that's fine."
Jesus, I was wondering what I did that you deleted my comment...and then I remembered! I committed the cardinal sin...mes apologies!

If you figure out how to stop trying hard, dont forget to buzz me and gimme a crash course ok?
Its ok dahling... nothing wrong with being a perfectionist, and yet being scared. That's normal na?
And so what if you are All of that?

It's what makes you, YOU!

It's (a part of) what makes you different from the rest of the two-dimensional card-board cut-outs out there.

All of that having been said I think a list of all the negatives is hardly fair. There's a lot I have seen of you here on this blog that tells me that there are a whole lot of characteristics that you seem to have missed out. And a lot of them would not be debatable questions but cold hard facts.
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