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Friday, March 10, 2006


gender of a blog

a strange thought occured to me the other day. do blogs have genders? is it as simple as - transfer the gender of the blogger to his/her blog? does a male blogger's blog also male? and a woman who blogs has a female blog? i wonder what the french consider a blog. since they assign gender (by some god-alone-knows logic) to inanimate things. so is it 'le blog' or 'la blog'. need them francophiles to the rescue.
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According to English-French:
blog (english)= noun, male "blog" (french)
Hence it will be 'le blog'.
I too wonder how genders are assigned to words. One famous pair of words is la pluie (the rain, feminin) and le parapluie (the umbrella, masculin).
Every country takes a gender as well. It is usually "la": la Chine, "l'": l'Inde, l'Allemand, "les": Les Etats-Unis. The only exceptions are Canada which takes masculin (Le Canada) and Israƫl (which is the only nation name that does not take a gender).
Also interesting is how genders are assigned to foreign words: for example it is "le sari" and "la kurta".
It's even more cumbersome in German: in addition to der (maskulin) and die (feminin) you have das (neuter). English evolved in a really really smart way by taking "the" for all nouns. It is this flexibility of English (apart from the colonial accident of Anglo-American domination) that has established it as a global language.
parapluie happens to be my favorite french word, by the way.
y so much importance to french... in this context hindi is the first thing that shud come to mind... hypocrate! n then there are comments like "if the french have their way of prnouncing english words, its hip. its sexy. its the pride they take in doing things their way."
pride is only bout considering it first.
anonymous - ah! simply because you dont refer to 'blog' in how do i raise the question? lets not get carried away and be what i hate...rebels without a cause.
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