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Friday, March 17, 2006


Cotton 56 polyester 84

peaceful days. No, the work load is the same. But somehow am at peace with myself. Counting my blessings. Doing the things I like to do. Only with people I want to do them with. Had a nice mallu fish lunch with a friend with whom I hardly spend anytime with. hirava maach. daItalicl. fried bangda, rotis. at night, a play at prithvi. with someone else (ambiguous on purpose) *chuckles*. Cotton 56 Polyester 84. Borrows heavily from the vernacular idiom. Song and dance idiom of the marathas. the play is crafted well and based on a theme i am very interested in. mill lands. well paced and noir. grabbed a bite post-dinner. close by. then walked in the by-lanes of juhu. late. have an early morning today. class and then back to back meeetings all day. tiring. but is there any other way? *smiles beatifically*. not cynical about anything. confused about some. but that is only 'normal'. becoming a bit of a homebody too. need to study. have been procrastinating it for a while. but work back log is now under control. the organising on holi helped. delegating work more sensibly helped. want to try and be in this peaceful, relaxed, semi-happy mood. serene. a pic i took on a holiday last year depicts my current mood.

want to try and be in this peaceful, relaxed, semi-happy mood. serene.

Its not that difficult... its a matter of setting your mind to it. However cliched it sounds, I've done it and it worked :)
'confused about some' - well darling just follow ur heart
casa - true.

guppie - god know i try.
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