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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


aristera - reader of stupa narratives

Writing while I eat a bowl of home made khaw souey (I cant even spell regular words, how do you even for a moment think I could spell this??). *rolls eyes*
Going for drinks to the shack. Long time I heard some good music. Indulgent month. Yesterday was dinner at lemon grass and pot pourri. Hehe. The former didn’t deliver the kinda food one wanted. So we moved onto pourri. It wasn’t a food night. But the film afterwards made up for it. ‘Crash’. Awesome. Layers. Questions everything. Contemporary America. What is stands for (if it stands for anything at all). Yes, I have double standards. I am a closeted socialist. Who enjoys the good life. Its bizarre. I don’t know. *chomps on more khaw souey and ponders*
So well. A friend is visiting over holi weekend. A excited. I was to visit geets (of the geebaby fame) next weekend. But it got cancelled. Indefinitely postponed. Am going out of town for 2 days on work. Taking a long holiday next month.
Work is going to get hectic soon. I can hear the thunder. *shudders*
Need more time. Have to see so many films this month. Memoirs of a Geisha (for the visuals , Capote (for the adaptation), Brokeback (for the senti quotient) and some others too.
Have been studying for exams in april. Going up the wall. Read out a typical question from the syllabus to some of my friends. They just laughed their heads off.
Discuss the idea of kingship as understood from the DharmaShastra literature and how it has shaped our ideas regarding the Home of God as a Palace and Cosmos.
Decided to tackle this one later. Started with a much easier option…
Explain the role of linear and synoptic Buddhist narratives at Amaravati and Sanchi.
A new friend (when he got to know what I was studying) called my a ‘reader of stupa narratives’. Sweet.

Currently Reading: Calvin and Hobbes
Listening to: Abida Parwin
Playing in my head: My Blue Suede Shoes (Elvis)

u come to bandra and don't tell me :-(
And about Crash - A I told u so moment again :-)
What exam is this in April?
guppie - bandra hee toh hai. you talk like you live in bangalore and i dont tell you when i come there. hehe. but the shack was awesome!

wild reeds - unive exam. post-grad dip in indian aesthetics. sigh.
post-grad dip in indian aesthetics

Wow, quite a mouthful that is! And now I'm not surprised that Aristera is Haute Couture on some blogrolls ;)

PS: Why would you be listening to some music, and playing another in your head? Beats me..
hmmm i am sure the shack was awesome. so how many drinks down? art. why do we define it like this?please tell me.
sex - it was awesome. just two vodka tonics. art?
I'm happy for you...really I am...but puhleeese don't go about reminding me that you cancelled the trip to Pune (again) and that it's INDEFINITELY postponed.
geets - :-b
And I am wondering, why thou hast ignored my comment and not replied to it?

casa - oops. unintentional. pray beleive me. oh, i play different musics in my head.
Wow, all the best for the diploma.
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