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Sunday, March 19, 2006


aaj kal paav zameen par

early to bed on a saturday night. 10pm. early to rise (early for a sunday). was up at 8am. 10 longs hours of sleep. had a smile on my face. rested. what a bright sunny day! i exclaimed as i drew the curtains and looked at the regulars in the park. walking, exercising and laughing. i called a friend up at 10am who had just woken up. andi yelled into my celfone what a bright sunny day! he wasnt amused. *chuckles with delight*
some coffee accompanied by reading the tabloids while abida sang away the morning. on am impulse i put my jeans on (white i still had my crumpled night tee on) and went to a bookstore. bought me two books i meant to read. one of them being Selvadurai's latest 'Swimming in the Monsoon Sea'. i was in sri lanka last monsoon. fond memories. *sigh*
had a healthy breakfast of brown bread sandwich and veggies (sans mayo or butter) and a glass full of fresh carrot juice and sneaked in a fig too. *sly grin*
went to meet my granny. chatted for a bit and came home to shower. had a controlled lunch of 3 parathas (cant eat less than that now, please!) and some veggies. sneaked in a little steamed rice (its sunday after all) and butter-milk with mint and cucumber chunks (its summer after all) and one little pyramidal piece of toblerone (i am human after all). read the nouvella Brokeback Mountain and napped. now out to high tea at prithvi's with two literary snobs. i think i just shut up and think things while they talk books. *rolls eyes*
then for an early early dinner with someone *smiles beatifically* at this small little shack near the sea while serves the meanest pizza and good lasagne. then come home and study a little? may be. *wicked grin* need to finish the nouvella. need to sit with my accounts. year ending fast approaching. *sighs*

slept 8 hrs myself

small little shack near the sea - how come we have never heard of it - though given the menu it means we can go there only in May
Delightful sunday it seems like... was wondering how you managed to squeeze so much into one day till I realised you woke up at 8am!! I have problems waking up early on weekdays, I dont know how people manage it on weekends!!

PS: Woke up at 11am :D
Aaj kal ke bacche bhi...could never get this big deal bt sleeping so late on weekends! Screws up the day if you ask me...
Anyways me day was hum-drum dealing with the nitty-gritties of very unpleasant things.

Hehe just discovered what your 'shack' is - first real smile of the day! Merci!
...wonder why your feet arent on the ground? **innocent look*
guppie - 'we' have never heard of it because it is in the 'north' of bandra! hmpf

casa - when you are my age...

geeta - de rien

sex - *ear to ear grin*
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