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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


aadhay geelay aadhe sukhay...

sometimes when you are smiling and there is a bounce in your step, life comes up to you and give you a tight, very tight slap in the face. it hurts. that is exactly what happened yesterday. i learnt anorther lesson. and am trying to not let it affect me. even though it shook me up real bad initially. am sitting here on my desk, early in the morning, looking at the people walk in the park, the mangroves and the beautiful painting on my desk titled ' Apologies Should be made in First Person'.
started reading 'Swimming in the Monsoon Sea'. i feel that way right now. sri lanka of the monsoon sea and the monsoon skies and a monsoon dream. *slap*

Awww... just take a holiday my dear!
And as for your last comment, about me being your age... well, I'm kinda there too ;)
*warm soup & hugs* @ Aristera.
casa - :-)

wild reeds - merci.
the phone is not busy ...
guppie - sigh. i know... :-)
Aris: for every slap there is a kiss - sounds so bloody corny....hate myself now :-(
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