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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


yahhan wahaan ki baatien and some

16 hours of non-stop work. The length-breadth-height of the city was covered. 9am meeting on site in lokhandwala, out in the sun in marve (way outside the city) with clients till 1:30pm. Move to khar for another meeting till 4:30pm. Power lunch (read irritated me answering inane questions of dumb clients, while all I wana do is eat…its f***ing 5pm! And I am having my lunch). Rush hour traffic is me to reach pedder road. More inane stuff awaits me when I get there at 6:55pm. Leave for colaba for some more work till 9pm. Rush hour in the train to get back home. Get home at 10:15pm and want to cry. Still more calls to attend to (its Friday night!!) and things to be dealt with. Am done only by 1am.
Rush to colaba on work at 9:30am. Meeting at 11am. Get done by 12:45 and rush to class. Interesting class on ‘cities as objects of art’. Lecture by a friend so it wasn’t one of those rigid-rigid ‘lectures’. Finish by 4pm. Rush to check out an opening and a show. Hacienda was opening Kim Kyoungae’s solo ‘Beyond Horizon’. Beautiful gallery. Prosaic, unimaginative show. Kim has done better work before. Spoke to the gallerist and the curator. Rushed to Chemould to catch Vivan Sundaram’s show. Am not a big admirer of his works. But loved this show. ‘Bad Drawings For Dost’-Vivan Sundaram. A homage to Bhupen Khakhar. Subtle and crude at the same time. Unserstated and hard-hitting. Grotesque and vulnerable. All whites. Charcoal, graphite on gateway. Tactile works.
Running a fever. Have three bowls of soup (a a small piece of chocolate).
Nursing a cold, sore throat and fever. Taking it easy. Love the fact that I am not working. A friend drops by to see how I am doing. We have a good chat. She wants to talk about architecture. Don’t get me started girl! Cousins come to visit. Hate them. Their kid sings emran hashmi songs. Dances to them. And they encourage him. Are proud of it. I want to kill them. What is the world coming to. Ask him about enid blyton, and he may say that she is some ‘chick’ that emran is doing in some flick. *aristera weeps silently*
Cousin1 comes visitng too. Love her. She is silent. She cant stand the others either. I want to speak to her about something. Soon.
Worked only for 2 hours. Felt guilty. Made work calls for an hour. Felt better. Hehe. Never thought in college that I would turn out to be a workaholic. Wow. Me, the lazy lump of corruption. Went and bought me a dvd player. Was very excited. Gonna watch loadsa films. Geets, here I come! But the f***ing player isn’t working. Want to kill someone. Hate life. The water purifier also not working. So no water. Is this an indication? I wonder.
Wake up early. Got to take a class in a bit. Don’t know why I am still blogging. Going to be late. But today, class should be fun. Models and spatial play. Lets see how I goes. Lending my copy of ‘In Which Annie Gives It Those Ones’ (the screenplay and the vcds) to my students. And want to discuss the Jewish Museum at Berlin for case study of implicit conceptualization. Had forced geets to go see it when she was in berlin. Am glad she listened…I think she is also glad that she did. Love the building. Genocide and voids. The building is about silence. Daniel libeskind. One of the better architects. Geets inscribed something very sweet on the book she got me from the museum. Just read it yesterday…after a long time.
“dear ******, it’s a building dedicated to silence – so I thought it fitting to say that words cant express how precious our friendship is…hope you enjoy the book. Love always, geetanjali.S”.
Currently reading: Pablo Neruda Selected Poems
Re-reading: The Language of Post Modern Architecture, Charles Jencks
Listening to: nothing
Playing in my head: It’s a Wonderful World

Get well soon sweets - eat meals regularly and drink plenty of water.
Jewish/Holocause museums:saw 2 - in Paris and in Oranienburg (E. Germany). Understood the dedicated to silence thing. It's a really chilling experience, trust me.. after a while had to sit down and blacked out for a few seconds.
yes get well soon.stay away from chicken.
Friday - Its a weekday my dear. You are supposed to work. Stop complaining :p
(Okay okay, dont throw something at me! I was in office till 9 last night too :( )

Saturday/Sunday - Stop running around so much of weekends. Take a break. Take a nap.

Monday/Tuesday - I am confused. Do you teach, or are you a student?

Okay... this comment is getting wayyy too long. But one last bit - Gee is a sweet one, no? :)
pablo neruda....sigh sigh everything he has ever written and chicken soup which makes perfect sense. but like appy said : stay away. fish is the new flavour of the season. and what better way than to watch great expectations all over again...
pablo neruda....sigh sigh everything he has ever written and chicken soup which makes perfect sense. but like appy said : stay away. fish is the new flavour of the season. and what better way than to watch great expectations all over again...
wild reeds - more on my travel wish list.

aparna - merci beaucoup

casa - am one of those freaks. professional, also teach and study part time.

v - sigh sigh.
ahem. U gimme a complex. U draw. U teach. U design. U get featured. * hides under the table * Hacienda. Was there two years ago for the shabnam gupta exhibition. Nice stuff. Over priced. Also discovered "from our studio" from hacienda only.

and yes, U take care. get well soon and all of that !

cherio !

p.s: went to good earth today. and I dun believe I am saying this. I hated it. Way too extortionately priced on the name of design.
dear once again is there enough space to accomodate another person to hide under the table cz i wanna hide too???i am student who is jobless and unemployed most of the time. there u go feel good about urself.yes aristera you are truly MULTI-FACETED individual.
made my day ha... but now its back to pretending like u know wat...btw curious i am...
a week in the life of the movers and climbers?
am glad ure feeling better now, babe...
Sigh you're right, there should be an exam one needs to take before being allowed to step into the world of parenthood...the examples I see in my B.G class are alot like that nephew of yours. Sigh...what are gifting to Mother Earth?

The soup was good na? Next time we'll order it for me...that and their hakka noodles...

I want to visit these fancy art galleries with you once...whats ay we do a 'Geets education' trip sometime?

Shall look for films to gift you now...btw buy B'fast at Tiffany's so I can watch it...

I remember having said that in the book...(amazing how I said it in such a minimum of words na?). Btw you didn't FORCE me, you simply threatened to disown me if I returned without seeing it. The new book also has a sweet thing written in it...longer this time!
"Ask him about enid blyton, and he may say that she is some ‘chick’ that emran is doing in some flick" - ROTFL - sigh such fond memories of EB - from little red books , noddy, famous five , mallory towers etc etc

A visit to Vietnam - is equally disturbing

reading list - ahemm impressive
once again - well. am just anorther bloke yaar. i just make these thingys sound kewl. its no big deal really.
btw, i still swaer by some of the 'good earth' stuff.

aparna - um. thanks?

slight - curious cat!

closetalk - :-)

geets - soup it shall be.

guppie - vietnam on travel wish-list too!
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