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Monday, February 06, 2006



I walked down the street
Felt someone was following me
It was refreshing.
Metaphorically, I think
No one follows me.

They all come
Take a piece of me
I wonder what happens
When very little of me
Is left?

I called for food
Last night.
They never send
Portions fit for one.
If I had someone to eat with
Wouldn’t I simply go out?

I saw a film the other day
It didn’t have an ending
Per se, that is.
It was more real to me
Than if it were with an ending.

I did the right thing.
After a long time,
Once again
I did something which
Was ‘right’
And once again
It made me sad.

I picked up my phone
And we spoke.
I had the upper hand
I was being ‘honest’.
Sometimes it does not
Take guts to be ‘honest.
Sometimes its easy
Only sometimes
Its difficult to lie to others.
I can fool myself, sometimes
At other times
I fool nobody.

it's alright.
Now, that was honest!

And I do sail in the same boat when it comes to food delivery for 1 person. Mighty irritating it is.
....hmmm...i have no words. its beautiful and above all straight from the heart...
blue green splat - ....

casablanca - is it just the food for one?

v - yes it is straight from the heart.
C'est la vie mon cher, c'est la vie!

All I can offer is a comforting shoulder (promise to tie up my hair so it doesn't tickle you) and a warm enveloping hug...missed you on the trip. Let's do it sometime's a place I want to see with you :-)
geetanjali - hug!
hmmm...i fool other most of the time but i can never fool myself.

BTW, i hated Alchemist too. i never understood the hype around it. i did, however, enjoy 5 point smone and the da vinci code. i guess i'm some what of dimwit sometimes :(
I did something which
Was ‘right’
And once again
It made me sad.

Always happens. Extremely annoying, that.

Liked the piece very much .. one relates totally.
mizfit - everybody is a dimwit...sometimes (to the tune of 'everybody hurts')

the one - it does... one is glad tht one relates.
Dear Aristera
What a beautiful poem! Touched me.
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