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Friday, February 17, 2006


stand up stand up

no, this is not about eminem's slim shady (btw, i abhor eminen, ughs ughs ughs... it is not, to each his own wont work here. eminem is not music). stand up comedy. bombay does not have much of that. am a sucker for most live performances. this one was N-E-A-T. vidur kapur. new york based stand-up comedian. at zenzi... one of my favorite bars. nice drinks, nice bar, good music, good crowd. and they dont hate stags! woo hoo. some wine, some beer and good jokes. some self-deprecatory and some not. george bush bashing to indian bashing to gay bashing. it was a riot. funny funny funny.
was with a bunch of friends. people think we are snobs. perhaps. i dont know.
the usual gang. and it means a great level of comfort for me. they know me and i know them. we know when and how to give/ get space. and there is a level of informal jibes and all. it is really about the comfort zone. people dont approach us, or mix around because we are rather self-contained. strange, but true.
met some people i hadnt in a long time. got all flattered when someone hit on me. woo hoo. been sooooo long. was wondering where i go wrong. hehe.
am chuckling wickedly.
got an early morning tommorrow.
met an aquaintance at zeni who asked me if i teach. kinda freaked me out, coz i wondered how he knew, as i hadnt told him. he said he reads my blog. it kinda baffles me. i thought only 5 women read my blog. apparently not. annonymous people who do not comment also read this. didnt know they did.
we need more of stand-up comic acts in bomaby!
need a break from the usual clubbing.
and am so glad am in bombay. elasewhere in india, there isnt a half decent bar (delhi and blore being the exceptions)... i can just not survive in small town india. was away from bombay for 5 loooooong years. never again. would love to travel the world. even the usual suspects like london and new york, but bombay was, is and shall always be home.
damn, i wish i had had that martini. oh i dont think will want to wake up early tomorrow morning. but i have to. for my bread and foi gras. c'est la vie. sigh.
currently reading : Norwegian Wood by Murakami
Madhubani Paintings by Mulk Raj Anand
currently listening to : Abida Parwin
song in my head : whats going on by 4 non-blondes
i say, "hey! whats going on!!?"

Live StandUp comedy is awesome! Havent seen any impressive ones in HK though :(

i thought only 5 women read my blog
Really? I thought I saw quite a few guys around too. Or is this your way of being caustic to them? :)

And martinis? Ugh. Ugh.
Sorry, we are choosy like that :D
casa - come to bombay, btw, are ou from bby or del or obscure india? hehe. kidding. no, i mean 5 women only, the guys are mainly people i know so they dont count. they are probably here just to see if i write nasty things about them. hehe. and whats wrong with martinis. i love martinis. to be honest...its more for the olive!
but i have to. for my bread and foi gras"- LOL
4 non-blondes
great big heel
*hug* Tum aur tumhara fois gras...should have asked Pat to get some for you!

Btw Titu doesn't think the Video he has is of vidur I'll make you watch it when you come...
Yup yup, obscure India it is :D

And martinis are pretentious, me thinks. And I hate olives. As I said, we are choosy like that ;)
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