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Sunday, February 26, 2006


pride and prejudice

so i turned 25. so what! i shall age gracefully.
had a good birthday.
loved my gifts.
some more to come!
here's the list i have so far:
1. dvd player
2. hidesign wallet
3. Lolita
4. B'fast at Tiffany's
5. Calvin and Hobbes
6. 2 beautiful fabindia mugs (of which i already broke one...symbolic or symbolic)
7. Feluda (Satyajit Rays short stories)
8. Infinite Riches
10. 3 books from the penguin special
11. 3 dvds (one hollywood, one mexican film and one spanish)
12. chocolates...after eight
12. some more to come my way.
dinner was fish and bloody mary's. c'est la vie. la vie.
saw pride and prejudice today. kiera knightly and matthew mcfaden. knightly adds anorther dimension to Elizabeth Bennet. Mcfadden takes time to warm upto. once you get the fact that he is indeed Darcy, he is a treat to watch. but the film is a must see for the Tudor architecture and Knightly. After the BBC version, i think this one also does it full justice. though the literary snob i went with, begs to differ.
i also love the title. Pride and Prejudice. my two big problems (amongst a plethora of others).
a friend wrote me a rather beautiful poem (pronounced 'pome' as in like dome or rome). here goes:
i know its really your birthday again,
one time.
all too human. and hopeful.
what is this fluidity you move through?
you are a pisces afterall.
always so many hungers.
and you walk on water for one night.
the beautiful margarita spinning.
your picasso stance.
how you liked winners and dispised losers.

Come now! I didn't say that this was bad... just that the BBC version was better. But right you are - quite a good film all in all. :-)
Awww ... Fred dahrling ... someone gave you Breakfast at Tiffany's!!! ..... moon river ... wider than a mile ... I'm crossing you in style ... someday!
ameet: i love moon river....although only sung by audrey. hate sinatra's version...
aris: i must see p and p...i am sure i will like it
Of all the gifts you received, the poem seems to be the best :)
I would love it if my friends would take the trouble to write something like that for me!
Interesting how you manage to harp on the fact that more gifts are coming - twice! ;-) And here I thougt with age comes maturity - muhahaha maza hua. Incidentally 'infinite riches' - does that refer to a materialistic gift, or are we talking metaphorically here? I'm borrowing those films when I'm in Bbay next (since that will be much b4 you come here...)
Incidentally how come you've seen the BBC P&P, with all your scorn for Jane Austen? It was those BBC films that made me FINALLY appreciate her...
Another amazing BBC film is "Brideshead Revisited"... a must-watch.
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